Order as Ritual: Grounding into the Root

Hello lovies! Fall is slowly creeping in giving us relief with a quick breeze. As we approach the equinox, Virgo energy is pulling us out of our hot girl/boy summers into a bossed up girl/boy fall through organization and order. We are not looking to tie you down but to set you free by organizing … Continue reading Order as Ritual: Grounding into the Root


Held: Full Moon in Pisces

The Pisces full moon concludes the western astrological year for 2020. We will be experiencing a pull of opposites here. The spiritual dreamer in Pisces and the pragmatic realist in Virgo. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are in Virgo bringing an energy of excellence. Perfection in being, behaviors, and expectations. Yet, this exists in … Continue reading Held: Full Moon in Pisces