New Moon in Gemini: Clearing the Path through Connection with the Divine


Greetings beloveds,

Well it is officially Gemini season and for some folks that means straightforward communication and getting down to business. For others, we look on wondering when will that wild twin roar their head? The beauty of Gemini’s lies in their being master communicators who are perfect mirrors of all the things that need to be expressed in this world. Whether you see this as a positive or negative, Gemini’s are not restrained by social graces so they have no problem letting you know what’s up unlike their fellow air sign Libra, who are constantly concerned with staying in a good light. Gemini’s exists in their own reality and as such are privy to their own rules. This new moon carries much of that spirit within itself.

This was a super new moon and there are several places where you can read up on the importance of that such as here and here. This event enhances the energy of this new moon which addresses the energy for this last portion of spring centered on family issues and healing. Here the use of care, compassion, and truth delivered in a swift and gentle manner will be necessary to achieve balance within the home. Either you as one aligning with feminine energy or another close to you will be the catalyst through which this occurs. You must share your truth as it is the only way in which to be authentic. This authenticity will be the cornerstone of your toolkit for the rest of this season. You must be honest even when it shakes you to your core. Even when it is only through tears that you are able to speak your truth. If you are in a situation which is truly unsafe to where your authenticity would cause you harm, then it is time to assess whether your current space that you inhabit may need to be changed. That is subject to be explored over the next few months.


There is a cloud of confusion that we are all facing. Spending large of amounts of time and energy attempting to figure out what is happening in this world around us. We are being preyed upon by fear mongering, lies, deception, and other abusive tactics to the point where truth is difficult to discern based on the information available. This is an even harder task now when that information is proven to be inaccurate time and time again. So how do we combat this? We connect to that which knows only truth. It is the divine. It is the energy of this world that lies beyond what is observable on the surface. There, you will know the way. Not based upon what others think, or want for you, or even what will be the easiest route. This path consists of leading you to what will bring you deep joy and fulfillment. Use your connection to the divine to align with this knowledge. Then take what you are taught and share it with others. Let it spread through your circles infecting everyone with the ability to align with the divine. The healing that must take place on the personal, familial, social, political, and spiritual level cannot occur on just this plane.

There are many ways that you can go about building this connection to spirit but at this time it is particularly powerful to build relationships with your ancestors and descendants. These beings, whether here on this plane or not, draw the direct link to spirit. They have much to share with us all about how this planet and our universe works or will work in the future.While doing this work it can be easy to get stuck in memories of the past or dreams of the future. I encourage you to practice staying present so that you can fully grasp the importance of every moment. That is where the magic of love resides. Right here where you are. The love and peace you seek is not anywhere out there. That love is not in cars, money, homes, travels, lovers, partners, children, or pets.

Here’s to Gemini energy bringing us into contact with all the facets of our being on this plane and the next.



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