The Divination Toolkit: Astrology Series-The Sun

The Sun (1)

The Sun: In astrology, the sun as the center of the galaxy represents our internal center of the self. The sun is basis of life’s elements. It is the fire energy of life. The sun allows for plants to grow, water to evaporate, air molecules to move and flow, humans to regulate sleep, hormones, essential body processes. The sun is life. Therefore, things connected to the sun are about life. The colors gold, orange, yellow and blue as the color of the hottest flame, all carry an energy of movement, increases in energy, and flow. The sun is our internal spark of light.

Yet, all things must be in balance. Too much sun, too much light…draws life out us. I’m from Houston, Tx. I’ve watched grass, trees, water dry up and die. Think of when it’s a hot summer day and you are teeming to get outside to soak up some rays. You head outside and are having a great time sitting in the sun, swimming, reading, hanging with friends. It’s all good. Then…slowly you start feeling a little drained. Your body begins to feel heavy. You are called to sit down, slow down, and find some shade. Just as the sun gives life, it takes life. Where there’s so little life left in an area that it’s a fire hazard. It isn’t safe. That space is out of balance. In the same way, when we are too focused on our self, on how we feel, on what we need or have to give to others we enter into that dangerous space. We can get burnt out.

Leo’s are the astrological sign associated with the sun. They are known to be charming, entertaining, fun, and have the capacity to be very self-centered. When a Leo is giving life, they are like a magnet. Everyone wants to be around them because that leo is the fuel for their internal fires. When Leo’s are blazing uncontrollably, they pull life from others. It’s too much. Too much focus on what they want, what they are not getting, on what is happening to them without regard to what is going on with others around them. All this without taking into regard what role Leo has played in causing this negative situation. Leo’s must function like the sun in relation to the Earth. They need to create seasons and daily routines for themselves where they shine fiercely, then slowly shift away focus from inward to outward. To evolve in the amount of light that they deliver so that it is appropriate for the that time and space. The sun never goes away. It’s always there, always giving life but it isn’t always so intensely focused because the planets in relation to the sun are not always directly facing it. Leo’s sometimes need to shift their perspective so that they are allowing others to not always have to be in their light. Keep that light for yourself Leo’s. You need it just as much to recharge

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