The 12 Universal Laws: The Law of Compensation


Greetings beloveds,

We are now at the Law of Compensation in our 12 Universal Laws series. This law states that we are compensated in proportion to the amount of energy (time, money, service, etc) as we put in. Thus, the work that you put in will be reflected and returned back to you. For instance, one takes a bit of land. They turn over the dirt, check the soil levels, make any amends needed and then create a plot for growing. They then plant seeds and til their plot watering, caring, and clearing the space for the seeds to grow. As the plants grow, that person continues to care for them keep them safe from other animals that would like to feed on them. Over time the plants mature and that person harvests them allowing them to consume their energy in order to provide energy for that persons body. The seeds are taken from the fruits of the plants in order to grow more. This person has just enacted the law of compensation. They have spent time and energy caring for these seeds and in return received energy through the food required to continue to survive.

Now, what if there had been a storm or another person had come in the night and stolen that food? How does the law of compensation explain this? An act of interference in the process through which the energy is exchanged is a factor of not only chance but of law of compensation for that other person. The 12 Universal Laws are not restrained by our limited morals of right or wrong. They simply are. That person put together a plan or was just hungry enough to consume another’s work. They expended energy to receive that harvest by at the very least picking the food. From there they receive energy and either an inclination to perform this action again or not. This act may be compensated by an equal amount of condemnation, social isolation, or punishment.

How is this fair you might ask? That original person put in the energy to receive their harvest, they deserve to be compensated for that! Well they will be as the unintentional compensation may come in unexpected ways. That original planter may receive food from neighbors who would not have shared since that person had their own harvest. They may find that there was only a little bit of food eaten and now will safe guard the rest of their harvest gaining not only energy from the remaining food but wisdom from the event. That person may realize perhaps planting food isn’t for them and move into another occupation. There will always be compensation but we have to learn to see it from an energetic standpoint which is never easily understood.

It’s easy to condemn when it is a person who intervenes but what of a natural disaster, disease, or insects? There are a number of things that can occur which interrupt our expectation of what will be compensated for our energy. The one result that will occur regardless of what comes from the energy put in is wisdom. We will learn from what we have done. If this wisdom saves our lives or others, is that not in proportion to any amount of energy that we put towards something?

The last bit of information I will leave you with on the Law of Compensation is the correlation between the type of energy expended. For instance, if all you do is dream and think of plans then you will be compensated in proportion to that. Meaning you will have are a bunch of really great, detailed, extensive dreams, plans, or theories. What you won’t have are these dreams, plans, or theories realized because that is not the energy you put into this. Action is compensated with action, thought with thought, emotion with emotion. They cross connect and interchange because we seldom only put out one form of energy. We are aware that we must think, organize, then take the most appropriate action to have what we desire come forth. It is not that we must all be doer’s but that we must know what is needed to create what we desire. For instance, I am a dreamer, thinker, and feeler. It is way easier for me to sit and plan then to take action. I know that action is needed though as what is the next step becomes clear I take it. But I also have a fantastic team of doers who are excellent at taking my dreams and making them into reality. I in turn provide them with fun and creative frameworks for them to apply their skills and knowledge to. We compliment each other and through that receive compensation for the energy that we expend. That is the Law of Compensation in action.

I hope this sheds some light on this law and I will see you next month to discuss one of the most well known laws, the Law of Attraction.

With love,



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