Moon Cycles: Moon in Sagittarius

autumn moments (1) Greetings beloveds,

Today the moon is waxing gibbous in Sagittarius. The Moon in Sagittarius compels us to align with Truth (yes with a capitol T). This search for Truth can lead you into many adventures as it is not something that you will find in any textbook, back of a cereal box or in a song. It’s something that can only be found by your expanding your field of knowledge and understanding to reflect the internal compass of truth that resides within us all. In an ever-changing world, your adventures will last many lifetimes, therefore go out today and learn something new. Go to a new restaurant, take a different way home, sign up for a class or turn in your resume for that job you’ve always dreamed of. The Moon in Sagittarius calls for you to use your principals to discern when you encounter these new insights whether they are a part of your personal or universal truth. Be bold like the Centaur. Find your balance and stand firm like the archer so that your arrows will fly true. It is then that you will feel the freedom that comes from alignment with self.

Lastly, Sagittarius rules over the thighs so spend time stretching, massaging, and giving those strong muscles so love. They carry you through each day and every new adventure supporting your every move. Return the favor. I plan on taking a long bath this evening with my favorite Epsom salts and my moon oil/herb blend.



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