Goddesses of Life and Death: Ala-Odinani Alusi of Fertility and the Underworld

IMG_5514ilfordmodifiedGreetings beloveds,

We are move than half way through our Goddesses of Life and Death that we will be exploring here on The Bliss Institute. Today we will be sharing online resources to Ala, the Odinani Alusi or Igbo diety associated with Life and Death.

Wikipedia- Ala (Odinani)

Journeying to the Goddess – Ala

Myth Encyclopedia- Ala

Goddess School- Ala

Rasta Livewire- Ani the Mother of the Igbos: The Many Manifestations of Ishtar

The White Goddess- Ala: Earth Goddess and Goddess of Fertility

37th State- Ala: Igbo Earth Mother Goddess

Hub Pages- The Many Colors of the Goddess: Ala, an African Goddess of Life and Death





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