Held: Full Moon in Pisces

The Pisces full moon concludes the western astrological year for 2020. We will be experiencing a pull of opposites here. The spiritual dreamer in Pisces and the pragmatic realist in Virgo. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are in Virgo bringing an energy of excellence. Perfection in being, behaviors, and expectations. Yet, this exists in … Continue reading Held: Full Moon in Pisces


The Power of the Lion’s Gate: The 8th Gate of Creation

Hello Lovies, This year we have the Lion's Gate on Thursday, August 8th. At that time we have an opportunity to take advantage of a portal that allows us to access the unfiltered energy of Leo. Correlated with the infinity symbol, the number 8 symbolizes our strength to achieve our desires through a can do … Continue reading The Power of the Lion’s Gate: The 8th Gate of Creation

The Unknown: New Moon in Cancer

Hello lovies, New Moon in Cancer Navigation Tools Allow new experiences and perceptionsDevelop and nurture self/social compassionEmbrace your emotionsCommunicate clearly Any progress is progressBe steady and sure not compulsivePlan for what you can, release what you cannotAddress issues with your mother and father in a safe space Such interesting energy with this new moon eclipse … Continue reading The Unknown: New Moon in Cancer