Goddesses of Life and Death: Madame Pele and the Home


Greetings beloveds,

Today I found myself connecting with Madame Pele in a way I had not expected. I had a burst of energy I have not had in a few weeks. It seems that as the energy of fire is stoked as we move closer to spring, that our Goddess Pele’s energy grows as well. What is most beautiful is that that energy carries over into her spaces of creation. I cleaned and cleared my home. Cleaning out my closet, washing all the clothes, and my hair. I wrote for the blog for a couple of hours, went for a walk, and cooked dinner. Such as Madame Pele, even when one had been torn apart, we have the power to rebuild.

I would like to note that it is important to be respectful of other cultures and their deities. Although I am honoring and working with Madame Pele, I would recommend that everyone who truly wants to connect with her energy find a practitioner who is connected to her official practices and rituals.

If I have learned anything over the past few days it is that Madame Pele must be respected. Therefore we respect her land and her people.



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