Full Moon in Libra: The Polarity of Fire and Air

Greetings beloveds,

Happy full moon in Libra. First, some house keeping. I’m leaving out some of the astrological aspects this full moon because I want to dive deeper in the aspects of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Check back soon for those posts. Now on to the full moon in Libra 2019!

We balanced out with that full moon in Libra in March and really started the spring season with the new moon in Aries. Now it’s time to bask in the polarity of fire and air. Fire as an element is an intense, active, burning energy. Fire, like any other element, can create or destroy pending on how it is channeled. It is useful to know how much fire you have in your chart by knowing which astrological signs, planets, and houses are active in your natal chart. Air, as an element is also active, light, and insightful. It creates of the many ways we bring spirit into the body, through breath. Fire thrives with air. Fire needs air to survive. Air finds partnership and collaboration through fire. Air with just earth is a wind passing through or picking something up unwillingly. Air and water come together but they mesh completely. Air and Fire are mutually beneficial.

As the first polarity of the western zodiac, Aries and Libra are the initial mirrors of astrology. Aries illustrates the I, the ego, the self while Libra represents we, the community, and the collective. Fire thrives with air. Fire needs air to survive. Air finds partnership and collaboration through fire. Air with just earth is a wind passing through or picking something up unwillingly. Air and water come together but they mesh completely. Air and Fire are mutually beneficial illustrating the lesson of Aires and Libra. True partnership and community benefits everyone involved. It is fair and just. When we think of ourselves as a part of the collective we understand that what effects one, effects the many.

Fire is alive and well this full moon with the sun in Aires in the first house bringing us firmly into the I AM energy of becoming. Becoming our true selves, highest selves, shadow self, and healed self. Become whatever you would like to be. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aires is the sign of opportunities. Couple that with Uranus in Taurus in the first house and you have the perfect storm of personal development. You have a talent. A skill that is particular to you. How does, can, and will that revolutionize your existence? Be open to taking that leap of faith. With Mars in Gemini, the time is now. The energy all around is creative, fun, innocent, and ready to GO. Are you ready?

Chiron and Mercury in Aries in 12th house

What wounds exist around you speaking your truth related to your identity and spirituality? Perhaps you spoke up about an injustice or found a new perspective towards spirituality that you have shared with others. This energy looks at your personal relationship with healing and communication through spirituality. It can be easy to lose ourselves in different identities. We become what we put our heart and soul into. This can become especially complicated when a path helps us to address wounds and heal. Yet, without boundaries I becomes we and the path that offered us so much clarity, now restricts our growth. Go within and determine where the I starts and how it relates to any groups that you associate with. Align your values with your personal moral compass and move forward from there.

Moon in Libra is 7th house: Beauty, partnership and balance defines this energy.

            Aspects to moon:

Quincunx Venus: Incorporate flexibility into your relationships. You will not always feel the same about someone and that is ok. Move into a deep relationship with yourself so you can recognize how you feel and can communicate that clearly. Once you trust yourself you will build stronger relationships with others.

Sextile Jupiter: gives a lively fun atmosphere to any issues or problems that we may encounter. This comes from our desire to have a light and easy life perspective at this time so that we can experience the beauty of the moment. x

Square Saturn and Pluto: High emotional intensity. This energy may cause you to create or recognize dependent relationships in your life. Human connection is necessary but in order to connect in a healthy way we have to have knowledge of our own needs, a connection to our intuition, and clear boundaries. When we are lacking these things we may find that we lean on other by not taking responsibility for our own needs or create circumstances where others “need” us. Take time to access and check your boundaries. Do you take on more then you can emotionally or mentally handle? Do you struggle with saying no to particular people and justify it because you are related to them or because they did something for you? Is it difficult for you to release relationships such as with family, close friends, or romantic partners? All of these may be highlighted during this energy.

Opposition to Uranus: Emotions are in flux with this energy. You are wanting to be free and yet be connected. The desire to experience something new and yet have a space to return to creates the tension for this aspect. Following the theme of defining and developing boundaries based on self-awareness, if you know how much alone time and partnership time you need this can be expressed in a way where if necessary negotiations can be made for circumstances that cannot be immediately changed such as children, partners, or work.

You got this loves!

-Kamilah Rose


April Writing Prompt

Good morning lovies,

April brings us fully into the Aries/I AM energy. As the first Western zodiac sign, the beginning of a new season, and the representation of the Magician card we look at our WILL. What we are able to create through our desires, strength, and refusal to give up because we believe so deeply that we can MANIFEST from our own sovereign power.

Sovereign: New Moon in Aries

What do you stand for? Family, love, justice, peace? Now is a time of contemplation of where and how we have developed our culture, values, and beliefs. The ways that WE in the I form decide what is valuable, what has worth. Over the past decade we have felt the shift in power as social capital produced in the form of mass-produced culture, messaging, and media has become overtly visible.

What are your values, your principles, your morals? There’s a beauty to the 2nd house that assists us in developing our talents into wealth. Not just financial but emotional, mental, social, and legacy wealth. But wealth without principles is just fertilizer in the bull’s field. It’s nothing. It does not stand. So, develop your values, find your principles and stand on them. Take in the lesson of the 8th house as guide. What are you leaving as an inheritance? What have you picked up as a part of your lineage? Your ancestral patterns carry on in much the same way as wealth and poverty are generational. What you cultivate MUST be GROUNDED in a strong ethical practice focused on equity and love.

The 2019 New Moon in Aries is a time for personal development. You’ll feel like taking some time away from external influences to find your own compass. There is strong 12th house energy that is active during this time and will remain active. With Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th house this pull inwards takes us out of the surface and into the depths of cosmic truth, faith, trust, and love. What do we do with this energy? Use the energy of Capricorn to create a structure that allows you to access these realms without losing yourself. As you come to find your values, truth and purpose take small steps to align with your being through ritual and practice. The only difference between the sacred and the profane is our perspective and intention. Set the intention that your journey is sacred and let that shape your routine.

One step at a time lovies.

-Kamilah Rose

28 Days of Love: Basking in the Glow of Love

Screen-shot-2012-07-23-at-12.57.02-PM.png (558×310)

Greetings beloveds,

Can you believe it? 28 Days of Love is coming to a close today. Over the past 4 weeks we have connected with our heart, mind, body, and home/living spaces to find clarity and bring ourselves into alignment with the energy of love.

How do you feel? Take a moment to integrate the information and lessons that you have learned over the past month into your life completely. It may take some time to feel and know what changes you have made or may still need to make. Behavior and thought process changes enhance our states of being. Above all else I hope that this time has brought about compassion for yourself and others. Love is so much more than warm fuzzy feelings. It is the basis of our existence. Through love we find ourselves. Through love we find our purpose.

6360672269037562021191143612_love.png (2336×1348)

So I send you forth with love, always and forever.


28 Days of Love: The Sacral Energy Center

sacral-chakra-colors.jpg (250×268)

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Today we will be exploring the second energy center of the human form connected to the physical body and movement; the sacral chakra. The sacral energy center houses the energy of creativity, passion, sexuality, and happiness.

Our sexuality is just as tied with our thoughts as with our body. The largest sensory organ of the human form is the skin. We are aroused not just from touch but from all of our senses including our extrasensory ones such as clairvoyance. Through these avenues we take in information and energy from the world around us.  The sacral energy center is one area through we can transmute energy to create and manifest our desires. It is the void where in new life can come forth. Let us not limit ourselves to a simplistic understanding of new life as the actual birth of a child. Let us look at life through an energetic lens. In that case all that exists or could exists lives. Thus we birth ideas, books, hopes, dreams, homes, businesses, societies, relationships, anything and more than we could ever dream of. This is why it is so important to nurture and balance our sacral energy center. For when our sacral center is out of balance we continue to manifest yet instead of the things we would like to come forth we find ourselves in situations and experiences we would rather avoid. It is in accordance to the 12 Universal Laws which do not see good and bad only the energy that we send out.

daa42dc2a549f6ce6fd9e8455948c852.jpg (236×254)

Activating the sacral energy center will not only increase your ability to manifest (hopefully things you desire) but regulates our creativity energy in general. When that energy is clear and flowing we feel inspired, creative, renewed as if we can do anything. When the energy becomes stagnant you may feel yourself becoming stagnant as well. When you find yourself feeling this way it may be in relation to the amount of stress  you are experiencing. Stress is defined as any emotional or mental tension from adverse circumstances that one may not generally encounter. As you can tell from the general definition anything can be stressful depending on one’s perspective. This is why the practice of caring about how you feel is so important. A sure fire way to connect to your feelings and learn to be guided by your intuition is to connect to your sacral energy center.

I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow as we look at one last portion of our energy and the physical through kundalini.

With love,


28 Days of Love: The Psychology of Love

Greetings beloveds,

We’ve talked a bit about how the physical structures of the brain and our thoughts.  Now let’s take a look at our psychology. Psychology is the study of the mind. Thus, understanding how we work as humans can only improve our ability to connect with our self and others. I have always been fascinated with human behavior and how we explain/understand the world. To my younger self experiencing all the many different personality types was the most appealing part of interacting with other. Then to think that you could spend enough time with people to begin to predict and control their behavior?!? It was all too much for my little brain to handle so I dove into old psychology texts devouring the different theoretical frameworks that predominate the psychological world. From clinical, social psych, child development, personality, bio-psych, statistics to so many other areas it seems like every thought and behavior that humans have had (and even some animals) has been studied. Love as a feeling, experience, and biological response has of course been one of the hot topics within psychology with it’s various specialty areas in Human Sexuality or Marriage and Family.

The Myers & Briggs Personality Test

The Enneagram

The True Colors Personality Test

Here are some of the most popular personality tests out there for you to explore if you haven’t already. These tests attempt to categorize people into types in order to assist you and the psychologist in figuring out quickly how you relate to others and yourself. Personality tests are a fun and sometimes useful way to see how compatible you and another person might be. Of course these tests are very generalized and rarely capture the entirety of the human soul/being so they are a starting point at best. But it is better to have a place to start then to not even be in the arena. When it comes to relationships in particular, The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is one of my favorite go to’s for a simple explanation of understanding what one’s needs are and how to express this to your partner, family, friends, and colleagues. Check these various tests out and let me know what you think. Did you find yourself reading up on other personality types and love languages? Did you recognize these types in the people in your life?


Before we go let’s talk mental health. Taking time to focus on our mental health should be of the same importance as taking care of your physical health. You are mindful of your eating, movement, emotions and thoughts but when your feelings and thoughts are in conflict, do you feel comfortable seeking mental health services as you would with your diet or exercise? It would be wise to do so, as all of our being is connected. One area not functioning at it’s best will affect all the other areas as well.


28 Days of Love: The Physiology of the Mind

iStock_000022240209Small.jpg (766×627)

Greetings beloveds,

I hope that the exercises and information that has been shared about how our thoughts affect our reality have been useful for you. Changing the way we think effects the energy we attract and in turn the types of relationships that we will have with ourselves and others. Yet it is also important to understand how the brain works so for today we have  a bit of homework to do.

I’ve compiled this quick list of links to sites that cover the physiology and functions of the brain.

Web MD- Brain Human Anatomy

Inner Body- Human Brain and Nervous System

Brain HQ – The Brain in Love

Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute – Love and the Brain 

Now that we have an idea of how the brain works and how it interacts with what we have come to recognize as love some of your behaviors and patterns in relating to others may make more sense. Overall, how we relate to others depends on how we have been trained and what we have found works  (or at least we justify that it should work) to get us the results we desire.

If you haven’t already test it out. Take note of how you feel when you are around a person, animal, or thing that you love. Then note how you feel when you eat certain foods such as chocolate or others that personally for you have positive associations. Do you find that you are experiencing similar feelings in both situations? Take notes and let me know what you find out.

With love as always,


28 Days of Love: The Power of Focus

How-to-create-a-mind-map-mindmap.jpg (1582×736)

Greetings beloveds,

Now that we’ve covered ways to clear our mind now we can begin to direct our thoughts towards sending energy towards creating the life we desire. We’ve all heard of the law of attraction which states that what appears in our life depends on the energy we put out whether we are aware of it or not. Things get sticky when it comes to this conversation because who would put out an energy to attract pain, abuse, or fear? What about the children who are hurt? How could they have put out an energy to attract that? The choice to harm another comes solely from the perpetrator never from the one receiving the abuse. We live in a world of co-creation with a lot of wonky lingering energy. This energy has been around for so long we are often unaware of its presence and thus are unable to direct ourselves away from it. This is why it is important to take time to become aware of your thoughts and clear out space to evaluate whether they are thoughts, experiences, and energy that you would like to have in your life. If not then work must be done to let those thoughts go.

Now we have some space to grow, to create. What are your dreams? What do you want your world to look like? This space is calling for you to put forth what you would like your world to include yet often we are so busy living our lives and caring for others we let the same energy come right back into our consciousness. Using tools such as a mind map or a vision board can help you find clarity. Once you have an idea of what you desire it is then time to turn your attention towards those desires. Find images, draw, sing, dance, create affirmations, do whatever you can to bring your attention towards that which you desire.

It is important though to use that heart connection to assess whether your focus is on your lack of what you desire or on the feelings on joy and anticipation of receiving your desire. If it’s coming from a spirit of lack time to go general. Find whatever brings you joy and focus on that. For me, it’s Bob’s Burgers the cartoon. This show makes me laugh no matter what is going on in my life. It immediately makes me smile and feel happy. What’s your Bob’s Burgers? Find it and use that as a springboard to get to that feel good space where you ready to turn your attention towards your desires. Then if you feel that edge of “but I don’t have it”, “it’s hard to get this”, “I can’t wait for it to be here” that’s your signal to move your attention to that joy button and get back in that space of attracting what you want and not what you don’t.

If you’re a bit skeptical of whether you have the ability to not only influence but create your life here’s a little experiment that you can do. Pick your favorite color, dessert, book, or item and spend 5-10 minutes of your meditation time on that thing. See yourself eating, reading, or with your favorite thing. Picture how happy you are when you have it. If it’s difficult to use visualization then perhaps turn this into a song, write about it, or paint it. Just find something to use to focus your energy on that thing. Know that you have it. Do this for 5-7 days and then release it. In time it will come to you most likely in a way that you didn’t expect.

Have fun dreaming and creating loves!


28 Days of Love Week 2: Cognitive Love

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Greetings beloveds,

Welcome to week 2 where we will begin to exercise the largest muscle in our bodies, the brain. The decisions that we make, the thoughts that we have, our perception of the world, every bit of our being exists and is affected by our mind. So it is important to understand how the mind functions and the physical structure of the brain for the purposes of living our best possible life.

What connection does love have to our mind and brain? Well it’s been said that love occurs in the brain. Biologically, it is an interpretation of chemical compounds sent racing throughout the brain which effects not only our mood but how we come to relate to others, ourselves, and almost everything around us. Yet, love is experienced as so much more than just chemicals in the brain. The Greek language had 4 distinct types of love, Sanskrit 96 and yet love is expressed as one word in English with several different associations. There’s romantic, platonic, family, love of objects, animals, nature, or food.

I hope that as we look at the mind, our thought processes, and the brain this week in relation to love that you are able to find ways to not only better understand this phenomenon known as love but understand yourself as well.

Check back in tomorrow as we look ways to clear your mind bring about order and improve your relationships.


28 Days of Love: Day 7 Soul Love

Greetings beloveds,

It’s the final day of week one in our 28 Days of Love. This week we focused on connecting to our hearts, bringing our hearts into alignment with our higher-self, and nourishing our hearts through our diets. Our hearts long for us to listen to them. To let them take the lead while it works with our spirit, mind, and body. We may speak of our souls, thoughts, beliefs, actions, and heart as if they are separate entities existing outside of each other. Yet they are always connected. Always acting in coordination with each other even when we find ourselves in dangerous or painful situations. Our souls are love. When we are disconnected from our true state of being, we believe in scarcity, separation, division, and lack. We are not these things. We are not bound by the rules of society, the government, or religious bodies. We our bound only by what we can imagine. So now I ask you to dream. To use these exercises from the past week to consciously connect your heart and soul.

We will soon cover the importance of shifting our thoughts towards love, moving our bodies in in ways that connect with our heart, and creating sacred space. Open yourself up to the possibilities of what your life could be. These 28 Days are just the beginning to a lifetime of Love.