October Journal Prompt

Hello lovies! Here is our October journal prompt: Beauty. What is beauty to you? Is it art, family, nature, cars, clothes, a book, or movie? What do you find to be beautiful about yourself? How do you develop and support your own beauty? Happy writing! Kamilah Rose


The Guide: A Writing Excerpt

Greetings lovies, I've been working on some writing pieces for an upcoming project. Here is an except from this weeks work. Life is abundant all around you. Yet, signs of the change are clear.Leaves turn. Temperatures fall. The night creeps in. She has led you through the tumultuous waves of love, light, and harvest. She … Continue reading The Guide: A Writing Excerpt

Putting Up a Front: Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

During my research of the water element,on the NOAA website I read over the definition of a hurricane which is a tropical cyclone with organized thunderstorms but no fronts. A typhoon, likewise, is a tropical cyclone that originates in the Indian or western Pacific ocean. tropical depression tropical storm hurricane surface winds <39 >39 <74 … Continue reading Putting Up a Front: Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

July Journal Prompt: Compassion

Hello lovies, Our journal prompt for July is compassion. How can you be more compassionate towards yourself? How can you be more compassionate to others? When do you feel most loved and cherished? Finally, what would a day where you met all of your needs look like? With love, Kamilah Rose