March Journal Prompt

Greetings! We have reached the he end of winter – Pisces Season. From here we are preparing for Spring Equinox – the Astrological New Year – the Start of Aries Season. We have entered into the time of Rebirth These are all themes related to this time of year. Thus, this month our journal promptContinue reading “March Journal Prompt”

Mars: Working with the Planet of Life and Death

God of War. Aries. Powerful. Anger. Virile. What does it mean to work with Mars? Is it accepting your anger? Letting it flow through you instead of bottling it up, building tension in your body until it overflows from you – bursting from the seams in bouts of aggression. Perhaps it’s the energy you feelContinue reading “Mars: Working with the Planet of Life and Death”

28 Days of Love: Basking in the Glow of Love

Hi Lovies, Can you believe it? 28 Days of Love is coming to a close today. Over the past 4 weeks we have connected with our heart, mind, body, and home/living spaces to find clarity and bring ourselves into alignment with the energy of love. How do you feel? Take a moment to integrate theContinue reading “28 Days of Love: Basking in the Glow of Love”

February Journal Prompt

Hi Lovies, This month our journal prompt is CONNECTION. This seemed like an excellent word to journal about during the month of love, Aquarius season, and as we are reminded time and time again of how important our connections are to our ability to thrive. What does connection mean to you? Is it limited toContinue reading “February Journal Prompt”

28 Days of Love: The Sacral Energy Center

Hi Lovies, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Today we will be exploring the second energy center of the human form connected to the physical body and movement; the sacral chakra. The sacral energy center houses the energy of creativity, passion, sexuality, and happiness. Our sexuality is just as tied with ourContinue reading “28 Days of Love: The Sacral Energy Center”

28 Days of Love: The Psychology of Love

Hi lovies, We’ve talked a bit about how the physical structures of the brain and our thoughts.  Now let’s take a look at our psychology. Psychology is the study of the mind. Thus, understanding how we work as humans can only improve our ability to connect with our self and others. I have always beenContinue reading “28 Days of Love: The Psychology of Love”

28 Days of Love: The Physiology of the Mind

Hi Lovies, I hope that the exercises and information that has been shared about how our thoughts affect our reality have been useful for you. Changing the way we think effects the energy we attract and in turn the types of relationships that we will have with ourselves and others. It is also important toContinue reading “28 Days of Love: The Physiology of the Mind”

28 Days of Love: The Power of Focus

Hi Lovies! Now that we’ve covered ways to clear our mind, we can begin to direct our thoughts towards sending energy towards creating the life we desire. We’ve all heard of the law of attraction which states that what appears in our life depends on the energy we put out – whether we are awareContinue reading “28 Days of Love: The Power of Focus”

28 Days of Love Week 2: Cognitive Love

Greetings beloveds, Welcome to week 2 where we will begin to exercise the largest muscle in our bodies, the brain. The decisions that we make, the thoughts that we have, our perception of the world, every bit of our being exists and is affected by our mind. So it is important to understand how theContinue reading “28 Days of Love Week 2: Cognitive Love”

28 Days of Love: Day 7 Soul Love

Greetings beloveds, It’s the final day of week one in our 28 Days of Love! This week we focused on connecting to our hearts, bringing our hearts into alignment with our higher-self, and nourishing our hearts through our diets. Our hearts long for us to listen to them. To let them take the lead whileContinue reading “28 Days of Love: Day 7 Soul Love”