28 Days of Love: Decluttering Activity

Greetings beloveds,

We’ve been having some great discussions on the importance of cleansing and decluttering our homes to create space for new energy to be cultivated. Today I’ll share a quick decluttering activity to get us started.

I’m sure you all have heard of the three fold decluttering law. Lol I know you’re thinking no, but believe me you have.

The Three Fold Decluttering Law:

From three piles we create space.

By dividing into keep, trash, and donate.

Pretty easy but that’s your activity for the day. Pick a surface, room, or portion of your home depending on your energy level and what your intuition guides you to tackle. From there you can use a portion of the room such as the center, corner, or reusable/trash bags to designate between the items that you will keep, throw away, recycle, or donate.

Now this is an exercise that you want to provide plenty of time to complete because you will want to take a moment with each item that you encounter. For some it literally will be a quick second of regard.  An item that you have no attachment to and are sure of where you would like to place that item will quickly be placed. Others not so much. Sit with the item and if you are wanting to keep it, what is your motivation to do so? Do you have an emotional connection? Nostalgia and sentimental value? Is it an item that you use often? Asking yourself these questions will help you to determine whether you actually need to keep that item. If it’s an emotional response, explore what that emotion is that is attached to the item and why. If the item is attached to emotions that you do not like, then perhaps it’s time to place that item in the donate or trash pile.

You may have begun to notice that the items in our homes not only take up physical space but emotional, mental, and especially energetic space. While you are going through your things keep in mind that there is more tied to your items then just their physical presence. Clearing, moving, and cleaning gets this energy in motion or completely removed from your personal energy so you are able to create anew.

Go over each item in the designated space you chose. Once you are finished, move all the items you have decided to keep out of the way and give the space a thorough cleaning. Repeat this process by moving from space to space and room to room until you have gone through your entire home or living space. Once that is finished use smoke, sound, water, or whatever your preferred from of energetic cleansing may be to clear your home.

That’s our decluttering and energy clearing activity for the week. Here’s to cleansing, clearing, and manifesting!


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