New Moon in Aries: Now We Get It

Ohh it’s the new moon in Aries and we are feeling ALL brand new. Releasing, cleansing, redirecting, rebirthing, re-being. We are in that space of our crown chakra consciously aware of our higher self and divine connection. It’s flowing around us and we feel POWERFUL. As such we are allowing our love languages to be fully acknowledged. For many they are seeking physical touch. That connection that grounds us but also sets us free. There is a beauty in this space. When we look through a lens of our higher self we find the beauty in everything around us.

The recommendation during this time is to be open to the influence, messages, wisdom, and knowledge of our ancestors, ancient ones, and elders. Find time to meditate, hold communion, or ritual to connect with these energies. This again ground you in the spirit of authentic grace and intuition. Aries can get a bad rep as brash, overconfident, and rude. This new moon in Aries shows us the light that Aries feels that at times makes them come across this way. If you were feeling this good all the time you would probably behave this way too. Accept this energy and move freely into it.

We are prepping for retrograde season so grab up all the goodness that you can to carry you through this time.



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