April Retrogrades: Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter

April Planetary Placements

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all have been taking time for yourselves and focusing on your well being. It’s April already! Although it hasn’t really felt like it yet, spring is here bringing us fully into the season of resurrection and rebirth. Here’s your April Astrological forecast to help you through the labor process.

First we have Jupiter sextile Pluto on April 17th a positive position which provides us with the support we have been desiring to find direction on our path. If it seems as if everything is ALMOST ready to fall into place, this might be the time when that finally happens for you. Clear, cleanse, and be open to the opportunities that are presented to you. Pay special attention to small gestures as they may actual lead to huge advancements. Jupiter as the planet of luck and growth partnered with Pluto our planet of rebirth and resurrection creates the perfect environment to bring the dreams you thought were no longer possible back to life. Did you give up on a career, business, relationship, project or yourself? The doors that were shut before are now cracked open waiting for you to make the next move. Be brave!

On April 22nd, Mercury goes direct and it’s the new moon in Aries. Babes, if you have not come up from the underworld yet, it’s time. The world misses your light. The planet of communication and technology is spinning forward and we are resting in what we have gathered during our time in the shadow realm. Take your renewed self and come back darlings. We’ll be connecting with our higher selves during this new moon, as we feel the pull upwards towards our crown chakra. Psychic energy will be heightened at this time so prepare to have your extrasensory abilities be activated, particularly in relation to kinetic energy, your ancestors, and aesthetics.

On April 17th Saturn goes retrograde and Pluto joins it on April 22nd. Saturn retrograde calls us to slow ALL the way down. Take a moment to breath and reflect upon where we are. There is a scene in Titanic where Thomas Andrews checks his watch and then corrects the time on the clock. It is a deeply impactful moment where the concept of time is flipped. Over and over the discussion during the film surrounding time was to make the ship go faster. To not only be the biggest ship but to make the journey to New York in record time. Making good use of our time reflects the impact that time has on our perception of success. Faster, quicker, more, more, more. That is the drive of our Saturnian society. That growth comes through hard work, pushing more, going further than anyone else to achieve what has never been done before. Yet, it was this very drive that contributed to that unfortunate voyage. We keep pushing forward until something forces us to stop. This Saturn retrograde is the force which causes us to slow down and reflect upon where we find ourselves.

Your worth is not based on what you can produce, complete, or provide for others.

Pluto is the energy of death and rebirth. Of endings and new beginnings. Pluto rules over the sign of Scorpio, the water sign of our subconscious shadow. The deep dark recesses of our being that is unafraid to dive into the dark murky waters where predators lurk. Often, the predators in that space are the parks of ourselves that we reject push down until they grow into beasts that are beyond our control. Pluto, as the ruler of this space revels there. This is his kingdom. There is nothing there that is beyond his ability to understand, transform, and resurrect. The normal progression of time has slowed, the normal progression of life and death has slowed. We are truly in a liminal space where the laws of nature no longer applied. While this can bring freedom for some it can also be disturbing if one does not cope well with unstructured time and space,

With Pluto and Saturn both in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, signifies an economic or material revolution. The ways we interact with money, status, power, leadership, death, and life will be re-evaluated. Capricorn is the bringer of light in the darkness of winter. They represent that space when we are completely in the underworld. Fully beyond the 7th gate. What brings you security? What has created your foundation? In what way does your shadow rule your life? Those inner drives that make us feel anxious in a crowd, constantly checking our bank accounts, concerned over retirement, fearful of becoming homeless, destitute, unemployed, losing your family, our car, our friends, ourselves. We mitigate these drives through coping mechanisms. During this retrograde, we can drop the facade.

Embrace your shadow and the stories you tell yourself about what you lack. Face the forces that insist there isn’t enough for everyone and show them there is another way. The light side of Capricorn: Community, love, compassion, empathy, sustainability, and giving. Build your new foundation on these principals and be reborn.





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