Of Duty and Sovereignty: Aquarius Season and Izanami-no-Mikoto

Aquarius season. We’ve dug out way out of the dark depths of Capricorn season. With the help of Marie Kondo folks are decluttering and finding the joy in their life. In the way that only Aquarius season can, we are guided by another air sign, to find a way to understand the information that we have acquired during Capricorn season.

Do you know the story of Izanami-no-Mikoto? She is a Japanese Goddess who with her beloved Izanagi, birthed the world. Her tale consists of several moments in which the social order of male and female relationships are established. First, when instead of waiting for Izanagi to speak first Izanami spoke up presenting them as a couple. Then there is the child of fire who she birthed which destroyed her. She is a mother who died in childbirth, attempting to bring light/life into the world.

Finally, we have her role as Goddess of Death. Izanagi ventured into the underworld to retrieve his love. Izanami had consumed food from that realm and could no longer return to the land of the living. She told her love that she would ask though if he would give her some time, but he must promise not to light a torch and look at her. Izanagi in his desire to see his beloved, found a light and gazed upon her anyway only to find that she was as she suggested, a dead decaying being. He ran from her in fright and she in turn came after him not believing that he would not only not listen to her, but reject her due to her state.

There is so much here to explore in this myth. So much that Izanami-no-Mikoto has to share with us. I cannot wait to share the insights and rituals with you all.


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