New Moon in Gemini: Keep it Moving

Hello lovies!

Gemini energy in the house this new moon. The sun and moon are in Gemini in the first house with mercury are in Gemini in the second house. This exemplifies the great communicator and the self. How do we come to understand our self and how do we express that to others? The challenge this new moon may come in continuing to share with others your talents in a way that feels best for you. Gemini is quick to run in, speak the truth, and then move on to the next topic. That’s that wonderful mutable air energy. For some signs, such as earth and water signs particularly the fixed signs of Taurus and Leo, this can be difficult to digest. They take a bit more time to digest new information and decide what to do with it. We’ll talk about the Taurus energy in a moment.

What do we do when it’s time to wield the sword of truth? Take a deep breath, a wide stance, and use both hands. Build trust with yourself so that you can share more of your truth. Let’s move on to Taurus where we’ll find some treasures to help navigate this energy.

            Venus is in Taurus in the first house coupling with the sun and moon to exemplify how we express who we are through how we love ourselves. Self-care is a popular catch phrase now a days that ranges from week-long retreats, 60$ nail salon visits, and afternoon naps. Yet, self-care also includes healthy boundaries. Think of if you have a friend who is being picked on or mistreated. You are unlikely to just stand there and not want to step in. This is one of your peoples! You want to stand up for them. The same applies for how you advocate for yourself. Venus is associated with all different types of love, but she is also a survivor who illustrates what comes from doing the hard work of killing off our old ways. When we learn to let go of who we were we open ourselves to the possibilities of unconditional expansive love.

We can need some help though which is where Uranus, the planet of revolution, comes in. The changes that need to occur to live our best lives may seem out of this world. Uranus comes in assesses the situation and says, hey why don’t we turn this whole ship upside? From this change in perspective we begin to contemplate new solutions and dare to get a little creative.

This new moon, flip the switch. Dare to turn things on their heads so that you can view yourself and others from a new perspective. From this vantage point, you’ll find ways to embody your truth and share it with others that feel the best for you.

Luck is on your side with Jupiter still in Sagittarius and the work continues to be thorough with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The energy will be gentler with Mars in Cancer though, but this just increases the probability for passive aggressive reactions. This applies to you as well, especially Taurus, Cancers, Leos, Virgos, Libras, Capricorns and Pisces or anyone who prefers to avoid conflict. Especially with Neptune in Pisces, these types of energies will prefer to dream up and fantasize about facing the issue then actually doing it. Better to be direct! Get to the point and keep it moving.

On that note, happy new moon lovies!

Kamilah Rose


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