Moon Phases: The Nodes

Greetings beloveds,

Sometimes it takes me longer to “get” things. I circumvent the issue looking at all the moving parts while not focusing on the central issue. It just feels to real sometimes to look things head on. But I know that eventually the orbits will cross paths and an eclipse will occur. Things will be shaken up which could be catastrophic or miraculous. You never know what the outcome will be but you know it will change everything. I hang on to this. To the hope that things will change for the better with the reality that they may not loosely floating around in the back of my mind.

How to cope with change and not let the world around us decide who we are or will be is just one of the lessons we learn over time. I am feeling this energy deeply right now as the Moon is Waning Crescent in Libra. My Sun, Mars, and South Node. Looking at the bigger picture of what could be and what we are here to learn serves as the perfect introduction to the Nodes of the Moon, When I first heard about a North and South Node I was like, oh Lord another thing to learn about. Honestly, it was a bit confusing and I did not really “get” it. So, I sat on it. I did not push myself to understand what this new concept meant or how it might affect my life. Yet, since dedicating myself to a full cycle of self-reflection while connecting with the moon, topics that felt like they were too much seem more approachable. With that being said, let’s talk about the Nodes.

The Nodes of the Moon are points where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic or path that the Sun rotates on which creates a plane that we use to reference other planets orbital paths called the ecliptic plane. When the Moon’s orbit crosses into the northern part of the ecliptic that is the point labeled as the North Node. The same goes for crossing into the southern portion of the ecliptic creating the South Node. We see the Nodes change constellations about every year and a half as they move around the Earth.

The Nodes are seen to represent our past and our future. The astrological sign that they North Node falls in shows us how we can move forward and grow. The qualities, behaviors, and ideas that we are here to learn. Our North Node is the map to the next step. The South Node shows us what we have already learned, experienced, and done. It is point A on this current trip holding all the energy of where we have been with all the possibilities of where we can go. You may or may not believe in karma, as you may not follow the practice through which karma exists. If you do, our South Node expresses the qualities of our karma, or what we have carried forth with us over our lifetimes.

Tomorrow I’ll look at what my nodes mean and the energy the Moon in Libra brings to us.



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