Taking a Leap of Faith: New Moon in Sagittarius

Sun and Moon in Sagittarius (Conjunct)

Do you feel it? That fire that has been smoldering within you has had the gas turned all the way up. The sun and moon are working together in Sagittarius bringing the self and our emotions on to the same page. Time to explore and expand. Go outside of your comfort zone, try something different, visit somewhere you’ve never been before. The key here is to do what frightens you. We all have fears that limit us. Our fears keep us in boxes afraid to be who we really are, afraid to open our hearts and be emotionally vulnerable. Yet, that is what keeps the fire burning. The fear is the wood and the desires are the spark. Let those fears fuel you. The more afraid you are the more you should find a way to do what you fear. Even if it is a small step. Every little bit counts as Sagittarius is all about the experience.

I’ll share with you what I have learned with Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. I love to learn. If I’m not growing, I feel a bit anxious. Exploration is how I evolve. I’ve only recently become self-aware enough to recognize how my fears keep me from moving forward. They create stagnation. How do I solve this? Partly through travel and education but also by noting where I need to harness my courage and expand. You can find these areas in your chart by noting where Jupiter and Mars are in your chart while also noting if you have any planets in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Know thyself and find strength in your talents and shadow.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

 This is the new moon to take that chance and reach for the stars. Everyone keeps mentioning there are only so many days left of 2019. Well Sagittarius says to that, let me try all the things that I have been wanting to explore over the last year. Take the leap. Twelfth house energy is active meaning that this is an experience that has a spiritual impact. Following this spark may lead you to a path that connects you to the divine in yourself, others, nature, and your higher power. It is a calling that speaks to your soul. It gives you fire to pursue the knowledge, experiences, and experts that fills your cup.

This is the last new moon before Jupiter moves from its’ home in Sagittarius into Capricorn.  Expansion meets its container. A plan to use to move forward and meet these goals. If you’ve felt untethered, grounding is coming. For now, allow yourself to fly free. Be the Phoenix. Rise.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (Conjunct)

Still feeling the pull in your muscles from that upward hill climb? We are going to continue to have this energy until early 2020 when Saturn moves into Aquarius. Until then grab some coffee and settle in for the grind. Remember, climbing stairs builds a great butt.

Venus in Capricorn:

Venus planet of relationships, beauty, and synchronicity moves into Capricorn to do the work. Relationships, from the long term to the passing comment impact us. To allow space for a relationship to grow and flourish takes commitment. Commitment is accepting that you will put time into this relating experience. This is how we build 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 60 old year relationships. Venus understands what it takes to go the distance. This is not a planet of only passing fancies and combined with Capricorn longs for connection that is worth the wait. This new moon, give thanks for the growth that you have experienced in your relationships both difficult and easy. It is this depth that Venus enjoys. Getting to know thyself through experiencing the other.

If you feel resistance to this, take a deep breath. Center yourself and spend some time identifying what you are needing. What makes your heart flutter, your soul feel safe, your body engaged? Capricorn experiences are occurring in the first house of self and identity. Does your image of yourself match who you present yourself to be in your relationships? Find alignment of these images by assessing where you are and where you want to be. Develop a plan and put it into action.

Mercury and Mars in Scorpio (Conjunct)

Stay curious and stay mad. Scorpio provides a lens of exploration of the unknown, the sense of value that we inherit

This energy is thorough. Not because it is particular and a perfectionist but because of the passion behind it. Mars is not only the planet of anger or aggression. It is the planet of excitement. The energy of Eros that fuels great loves and great wars. That which gives us of the spark to chase after our dreams. Gives us the enthusiasm to enjoy the fruits of our labors.  

Uranus in Taurus in opposition to Mars in Scorpio

We’ve entered an age of change. Letting go of how we framed our self-worth, values, beauty, and how we utilize our talents. This is in a strange way supported by Mars in Scorpio which gives fire towards our exploration of self and this desire to change. The tension arises as we begin to experience resistance to the shadow work that must be done. We want to connect to our true selves but are we brave enough to see all of who we are? Do we have enough courage to say this is who I want to be and these are the changes I have to make to become this person? Mars says that we do. Mars in Scorpio says that beneath the fear likes everything we have ever desired. Uranus in Taurus says it’s time. Use this tension to propel you forward. Have the uncomfortable conversation, get up early, go to bed on time, have a smaller portion, drink your water, sign up for the class, start your business, schedule your visit with your doctor or therapist. Scorpio takes us deep into the underworld. It feels like drowning until you remember that you know how to breath under water. Take a deep breath. You got this.

Neptune in Pisces stations on 27th heightened influence

Neptune stationing in Pisces can have a powerful impact on your natal sign, planet, and house connected to Neptune or Pisces. It would also be worthwhile to see where Neptune in Pisces is transiting your natal chart to see if there are any significant aspects.

This energy will bring a bit of magic to your life. You will feel a deeper pull to understand more about what exists beyond our physical world. You may also be experiencing a bit more delusion during this time. Have fun with it and don’t take anything too seriously.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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