Full Moon in Gemini Part 2: Keep the Fire Burning

Hello lovies,

There was so much going on this full moon, I had to split this reading into 2. Here we delve into all the Capricorn and Neptune things. Let’s get to work!

Jupiter in Capricorn

            Jupiter moved into Capricorn on December 2nd leaving it’s home of Sagittarius. We leave a time of luck, exploration of new ideas, projects, and beliefs in order to do the work. We have found out so much about ourselves and the world around us. Now we use this information to build something great and create a legacy. This will be a time when we can influence and BE influenced by others. Thus, the importance of having clear values, goals, and direction in order to not be swayed by skilled speakers and fear. Over the next year, you are challenged to show up as the greatest version of yourself. Identify what your great work is. Explore how you can make your dreams a reality. Create a plan and goals to see this through. Lastly, do the work.

            Earth energy will love this. It’s the fire they need to push through the all nighters that they love and not feel exhausted afterwards. Fire signs/energy will enjoy the social aspect of this energy. They want to work with others to achieve greatness. Air signs tap into your desire to be mentally and socially engaged. This is definitely time to make a move on social media if that is of interest to you. Water energy folks, take a deep breath, plant your feet in the sand and go with the flow. Dive deep into what you love move- the feelings that can arise from action and interactions. This is not the time to resist the work. You’ll be swept out to sea.

Saturn,Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn (Conjunct)

            Commitment to the work, commitment to our relationships, commitment to our dreams, visions, and connection to the divine. These are all coming together to create a moment of significance. Saturn and Pluto are still in Capricorn but they have been joined by Venus which adds a layer of attention towards how we relate to other and the self. You may have been focused on accomplishing great goals, sharing your findings with others, and making your dreams a reality. Now you turn to your beloved both externally and internally. What do they need? What do you need? Commit to supporting and developing a love that will be written about in the stars. You’ve been grinding and with it being Sagittarius season, when you feel that call for rest, take it. The best way to express your love for others is to make sure you are loving yourself. You’ll find that in practicing self-care you are more productive and energetic. You want to do the work. Don’t let folks hype you up into burning out. Sagittarius is here with the spark, let Capricorn be the kindling that keeps the fire burning. Take your time. Take a break.

Pisces in Neptune Square Sun in Sag and Moon in Gemini

You want to explore, have fun, learn and understand your feelings. Pisces wants you to connect with the Divine in whatever way that happens for you. It is the subconscious and the conscious brought into conversation. Will you roll with Sagittarius, overdoing the celebrations to numb the psychic pings? Perhaps you’ll over think everything. Reading all the books, attending the lectures, having long discussions with your friends instead of following your intuition, being intentionally mindful, and connecting to the Divine. Again, we must balance. Go out one night and perform ritual another. Keep a dream journal while also looking up various interpretations to engage your intellect. Give yourself a weekend of retreat into spirit to rest and recharge before the shift into Winter.

 If you are looking for a space to explore this deep soul work, feel free to join myself and Teri Malek for our Sister Soultice Retreat from December 13-15. This is an amazing chance to spend time with 10 other women as we dive deeply into the healing energies of North Texas and the earth element. Click HERE to find out more.

Happy full moon in Gemini!

Kamilah Rose


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