Full Moon in Gemini Part 1: Keep the Fire Burning

This is a season of deep work. If you are looking for a space to explore this deep soul work, feel free to join myself and Teri Malek for our Sister Soultice Retreat from December 13-15. This is an amazing chance to spend time with 10 other women as we dive deeply into the healing energies of North Texas and the earth element. Click HERE to find out more. Now let’s get into the energies of this full moon.

Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius

            We are taking chances, exploring, learning, and having expansive conversations with friends and lovers. After drowning in Scorpio season we needed the light and wisdom of Sagittarius to take us through those final gates before the winter solstice. Isn’t it interesting that we have this mutable fire sign before the darkest night of the year? How beautiful of a design the Divine has created. We have learned so much over the year. Regardless of whether things have worked out the way you desired, you made it through. Sagittarius says to look around you. Take account of what you discovered in Scorpio season and take those lessons! Each experience is another bit of wisdom to help you better navigate your world. Speak up about what you are experiencing. What have you seen? How can others provide you with a different perspective to give you an even more in depth understanding of the world and life? Stay curious, stay open and above all else have fun!  

Moon in Gemini opposition to Sun in Sagittarius

            This is a great time to explore the self but this may feel a bit…like a drag. The moon in Gemini gives us a keen insight into our own and others emotions. Why do we feel this way? What are our emotional triggers? Gemini and Sagittarius are the explorers of the zodiac. Gemini through gathering information and Sagittarius through experiences. Thus, where tension lies. Gemini wants to know as much as they can. They want the tea about why the situations are happening that are causing all these feelings to be activated in themselves and others. Especially as this is occurring in their workspace or a space where you live out your greater purpose. The sun in Sagittarius on the other hand wants to enjoy the pleasures of life. Everyone has so many feelings and although you realize how emotional intelligence and empathy are, you can’t help but feel like you would rather be out doing anything else.

Sagittarius’s pull will be strong and the best way to balance this out is to have fun with the process. In fact, make a point to celebrate and enjoy yourself this full moon because there is a lot of emotional work occurring at this time and you could get swept away. Be mindful of using casual hook ups with friends and loved ones to distract yourself from the deeper work. Also, be mindful of how you deliver information. Sagittarius rarely has a filter and you may feel called to just share away. Everyone has different ways of receiving information though and they may not be as open to taking in your insights. Key take away: There’s a time and a place, be clear on which is which.

Mars in Scorpio

            All the shadow work and the deep exploration of the self. No more lies, no more projections, no more deception. You are ready to see, hear, and speak the truth of who you are. You will feel exhilarated doing this work. Where there was fear and apprehension, there is now a drive to uncover as much as you can. You are fighting to get to the deepest parts of your subconscious. You are ready to drown in the depths of your past, your emotions, and your psyche so you can be reborn as an integrated being. Suit up lovies. We’re diving in.

I’ll see you in a few days for part 2.

Kamilah Rose

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