Full Moon in Virgo: Simple and Clean

Sun and Neptune in Pisces

How do we marry the energy of dreams or the unconscious with that of discernment? Let’s look at how Pisces and Virgo compliment each other. Pisces are our passionate intuitives. They love deep and hard. Virgos are our cleaners. They make sure everything stays running just like it should so we can enjoy our lives. These are both nurturers. They hold us. They care for us.

Now we have them sitting across the table from each other. Pisces wants to take a nap. Not because they are lazy but because they want to rest. This is enhanced by this Taurean energy of eating well and making your space reflect your truth. It’s the final stretch before the change in seasons. Virgo pats Pisces on the hand and says, “don’t worry, I got you”. Do you know someone who’s love language is acts of service? That’s Virgo. What a gift!! That’s how we successfully navigate this full moon. Go with the flow this season. When you feel that vibe to move and get things done, do it. When you feel that need to rest, do it. Feel into it. Then move with it.

Moon in Virgo

I’m about to brag about Virgo’s a little bit longer. This is an energy of attraction. An energy of abundance. There’s nothing to glean without a harvest. The tide of manifestation flows in and out like our emotions change. Virgo, is the sand under our feet, trying to hold us steady. This full moon, ask for help when you need it. If you feel overwhelmed it’s ok. There’s a lot going on in the world. Just as you’ll be looking to help others – others are looking to help you because this is the sign of providing heart driven service.

You’ll also be feeling philanthropic. Know that the more you give, the more you will receive. Make sure you add yourself to this list for receiving! Give yourself time. Time to plan, time to rest, time to laugh. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Give yourself your best!! This looks different for everyone – no comparisons allowed! Virgos thrive because they realize the entire highway is their lane. Take up some space. You are worth it.

Mercury in Aquarius

One word: Creativity! The mind is ready for expansion. There will be a thought or idea that sparks your interest. Go down that path and see where it takes you. If you have felt in a rut this slights chaotic energy may be exactly what you are looking for.

Venus and Uranus in Taurus

Spring clean. That’s it. Tidy up your space whether it’s your home, office, or car. Anywhere where you spend a long amount of time, tidy it up. Still in primary school? Clean out your locker. Every space deserves a delightful deep clean. This will offer you the opportunity to catalog what you have, let go of what you don’t need or want, clear out space for new things. Or perhaps just have more space. Sometimes when we think of giving things away, we don’t remember what we gain in the process.

Cleansing can be a difficult process. Take your time and move slowly. If you need to grieve the loss of a dream, relationship, or way of being – give yourself the space to do that. Your process matters. Honor that.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw. Do you have a favorite glass? Make yourself a nice drink. What’s your favorite food? Make it or pick some up. Oh you have some favorite people in your life? Bring them with you out or invite them over.

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn

We have a lot of the big guns in Capricorn still. They are vibing with all of the other active earth signs continuing this process of defining the purpose driven life. Mars gives us that fire we need to complete the tasks. Jupiter reminds us to have some fun along the way. You know that weird feeling of accomplishment you get from completing goals? Yea, that’s some Jupiter loving. Saturn takes out the trash (ex’s included). Pluto holds your hand while you cry it out and gives you a tissue to clean up your face. Come on lovey, there’s still more work to do. Pluto is a testament to believing in yourself even when no one else does.

Mini Personal Readings:

Aries: Have fun and rest. Your season is coming and we are going to need that rebirth energy.

Taurus: Tune out the world and focus on creating a beautiful space for yourself. Doing so allows that energy to radiate out for the rest of us creating a beautiful world.

Gemini: The air is clear. Take that chance and do what you’ve been putting off.

Cancer: Still carrying that north node energy. Everything feels like it heavy. Pisces beckons you to be embraced by the soothing waves of the ocean. Time to take your feet off the ground and float for a bit. Let the waves soothe you. Virgo is doing some deep work and making the world feel a little bit safer for you.

Leo: Remember when you said this is the year! This is the year you set your routine and get your life together! Yeah…how bout we plan to start that after the equinox? For now, take a hint from Aries – enjoy life for what it is.

Virgo: This full moon feels AMAZING. Everyone is getting out of your way and letting you WORK. We appreciate you and all that you do Virgo. Thank you.

Libra: Beauty, dreams, and order? Umm yes please! Libra bask in the energy of this full moon. It’s like being in your ideal reality without having to do the work to make it happen. Is there anything better?

Scorpio: Not feeling seen right now? It’s ok, take a break. Clear out the clutter around you and work on cultivating your life while everyone else is dreaming.

Sagittarius: There’s all these feelings everywhere and it is DELICIOUS. Like a day in the sauna. That steam is giving you life.

Capricorn: Complete your to-do list and then bask in the glow of the life you’ve created.

Aquarius: Write, record, communicate in whatever way calls to you. Prepare to share with the world your vision. We need to the insight that only you can bring. It’s still retrograde season so be mindful that the world may not be ready JUST yet. Don’t worry, a new season is coming.

Pisces: My loves, happy birthday! Take long baths, have all the yummy drinks (sober is the new black but you do you), cover yourself in glitter. Oh and if someone gets on your nerves, drag them to bottom of the ocean floor and make them remember why we respect your power.


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