28 Days of Gratitude: Day 2 Listening to Your Soul

Hello lovies, Today, we give thanks for soul guidance. This guidance can be delivered through hunches, gut feelings, our intuition, dreams, people, animals, signs, and even disguised as your own thoughts. When we let our soul guide us it gives us the space to practice listening and alignment. Take a moment to be still. To … Continue reading 28 Days of Gratitude: Day 2 Listening to Your Soul


28 Days of Gratitude

Hello lovies, Can you believe it is almost November? In roughly 2 months it is will be 2020. It's amazing how time flies. I am so excited to curate another 28 day adventure with you all. You may be familiar with The Bliss Institute's 28 Days of Love where we spend the month of February … Continue reading 28 Days of Gratitude

July Journal Prompt: Compassion

Hello lovies, Our journal prompt for July is compassion. How can you be more compassionate towards yourself? How can you be more compassionate to others? When do you feel most loved and cherished? Finally, what would a day where you met all of your needs look like? With love, Kamilah Rose

The Unknown: New Moon in Cancer

Hello lovies, New Moon in Cancer Navigation Tools Allow new experiences and perceptionsDevelop and nurture self/social compassionEmbrace your emotionsCommunicate clearly Any progress is progressBe steady and sure not compulsivePlan for what you can, release what you cannotAddress issues with your mother and father in a safe space Such interesting energy with this new moon eclipse … Continue reading The Unknown: New Moon in Cancer