Spring Equinox 2020 Part 1: Welcome Home

It’s a new astrological year and the sun has shifted into the sign of Aries. This is the sign of putting our will into action. This is the return of the soul from the underworld. We have had time to plot, plan, and hibernate during the colder winter season. Now it’s time to start putting those plans into action. This can be a painful process as we are birthing a new space- a new season- a new chance to reset our lives. This season, Aries calls us to recall our sensual nature. Life is full of pleasure and as the sun has returned bring yourself to a space where you feel held, loved, and pleased. Satiated.

Square north node in Cancer (8th house)

We have continually been feeling the influence of the north node in Cancer. Assisting us in creating a space that feels like home. There are often painful experiences associated with our families, childhood homes, and perhaps even the idea of home. How can you shift that paradigm to acknowledge what was and create a new association? Focus on creating a space that you enjoy.

This spring, spend time in rituals of healing the land and your connections to your ancestors. Give thanks for those who have come before you through your ethnic traditions. If you are unsure of what these are ask you parents how your family used to spend their time. Did everyone meet up on certain days? Cook certain meals? Go out to specific places such as parks or restaurants? There are things that may seem insignificant to your family but can help you feel closer to your ancestors, so ask all the questions.

Many of us are spending longer periods at home to self-quarantine. The idea of home and a safe space is amplified as we embrace a new state of normal for a moment.

Chiron in Aries

I wanted to note that Chiron is also in Aries. The wound here lies in acts of forced pleasure against ones will which resulted in pain. This is a deep wound which requires skilled therapy and support. There may be moments that will trigger the memory of this energy making it difficult to fully engage with the energy of this spring equinox. Take your time, be gentle with yourself and seek support from relationships that are built on trust. Libra, the opposing energy to Aries will carry the gold within the shadow of Aries. Building intimacy through radial honesty and truth sharing carries the medicine needed to heal. Seek professional assistance through therapy and counseling if needed.

Sextile Pluto

We round out our Aries energy with a sextile to Pluto. Aries the leader and the general comes to stand with Pluto the planet of chaos, destruction and rebirth. We face a moment to reconstruct our world on the micro and macro level. This takes great courage and strength. Attributes that are significant to Aries. This can feel scary and overwhelming. Aries leans into the fear and embraces it. Aries does not shy away from the hard work because they know what lies on the other side. More hard work (lol). The lessons, work, relationships, growth, – that is life. Be like Aries, face life head on. Sword held high, shield ready, feet firmly planted on the ground, and heart on fire.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

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