A New Branch of the Family: Kuan Yin

Hello lovies,

It is so nice to check in with everyone. I know that things have been difficult for many of us. I pray that you all are safe, fed, housed, loved, and held.

Over the past 4 years I have been knee deep in the world of death and rebirth. I have moved through the energies of Inanna, Isis, Coatlicue and Oya. This work was balanced through spending time with the Green Man through various Gods such as Osiris and Cernnunos. Today, we sit with a different energy. One of compassion and grace. The energy of Kuan Yin.

Kuan Yin showed up for me about 4 years ago in a time when I was not ready to receive her at all. I was going through quite a time with the ending of a mentally and emotionally difficult relationship. I needed to be held by those who understood loss, the process of dying, and grief. Being called by an energy that is known for her compassion and kindness was just not it. I mean, seriously she did not ascend in order to help others. Yet, of course ‘she who hears the cries of the world’ would hear mine. But I was not here for it.

It was in early March, as news of Coronavirus was beginning to pick up steam in the US, when I made my last trip before lockdown to Austin for Austin Witchfest. I met up with one of my dearest friends and we hung out with some folks from the DFW circle. That weekend felt…transformational. It was the weekend before the full moon in Virgo. About two weeks before spring equinox. A time when the earth felt full and ready to birth….something. In the travel groups I frequent on Facebook discussions went back and forth between excitement over the great flight deals and concern over the spread of coronavirus resulting in closing borders throughout the world. Yet, on this final trip, the weather was beautiful, just a sprinkle of rain during the drive and cool comfortable temperatures.

Although the event was amazing, there was an uncertainty in the air. For me, everything felt as if it was a dream. When I was in Bali in January, I found myself accepting the energy of Venus and Neptune as guides. To live my life as the embodiment of these energies both internally and externally. Thus, when I found a beautiful pearlesque necklace I knew this was the perfect piece to help align my energy with my intention.

After the event, my friend and I went to our favorite shops The Herb Bar and Nature’s Treasures. I picked up a couple of my favorite aura quartz stones at Nature’s Treasures along with a aura quartz skull that called to me. I knew there was an energy that would be revealed to me but I was unsure who or what it would be. At the Herb Bar, which is an AMAZING store, there was a display set near the entrance with several items on Kuan Yin.  I began to look through the huge text on the table filled with these mesmerizing images of Goddesses. Isis, Mary Magdalene, and Kuan Yin. I felt compelled. The book was more than I had budgeted to spend but there was a mini set of Kuan Yin oracle cards available.

I went to look for something else. I wanted to find anything else that would resonate with me, but I just kept coming back to those images. They were so vivid, I was enchanted. I didn’t want to be because while I theoretically am in alignment with love and compassion, I much prefer to roll with my Goddesses of life and death. I took the plunge that day. I bought the mini oracle deck and began to meditate on Kuan Yin. I’ll be sharing my journey here on the blog with monthly updates.

What was revealed to you this spring? What new practices have you taken up?

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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