The Rise of the Divine Masculine

       Rise of the divine masculine –                 Here we have the light form of the masculine. A being of hope, love, and support. Someone who has seen the past but who understands that to move forward we must go within and see beyond the present. This is a radical approach to life after the … Continue reading The Rise of the Divine Masculine

Grounding and Prosperity: Winter Products

Greetings beloveds, It is with great joy that I share with you all a recent venture of mine. Over the past year I have cultivated products to assist in connecting with the energy of the seasons, the elements, and our souls. Today I bring to you my Winter and Earth Collections which you can find … Continue reading Grounding and Prosperity: Winter Products

28 Days of Love: Day 4 Crown Chakra Dedication

Hello there! Day 4 Now that we've explored our connection with the divine through finding peace from yesterday's free write prompt, let's take this a step further. Review your responses from yesterday and identify an aspect of your experience that you most associate with bringing you peace. Once you have found that place, person, feeling, … Continue reading 28 Days of Love: Day 4 Crown Chakra Dedication