Cleaning the Window to the Soul: Summer Solstice 2020

Sun in Gemini/Cancer Cusp, Moon, North Node, and Venus in Gemini

       Sun, Moon and North Node conjunct each other

                A season of facing difficult conversations while keeping our hearts open and soft is upon us. There’s no escaping the reality of where society is right now. There are age old topics which are being forced to the light that have strong emotional connections. This is an old wound. One that has been festering for some time. Do we ignore wounds until they become infested? Or do we take actions to heal them? Let’s make a choice to utilize the gold in the shadow through the wisdom of Sagittarius. Gemini can become overwhelmed and distracted by all the things going on in their world. Sagittarius brings focus and a workable framework to the deluge of conversations occurring at this time around health, relationships, finances, beliefs, values, life and death. These are important conversations which require us to be present, listen, speak, hear, and integrate this information.

Do you want to turn away? Perhaps focus only on the good, what’s working, or the light within these topics? That’s great and will help us out later on, but for now we must dive into the depths of the subconscious. What are our implicit biases, stereotypes, beliefs, thoughts, and values? What topics and areas are we avoiding? Is it the impact of generational debt and poverty? What about the silencing of children and their needs? Sexual abuse and assault? Physical, emotional, and psychological abuse? Perhaps you feel unaffected by these subjects. Are there systemic issues that need to be addressed?            

There is no opting out. We all impact each other, often without even realizing it.

The question to ask is what will be your legacy? What are you leaving behind?                                                                                                                                            Square Mars and Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Aries

Whooo you feeling a little riled up? It seems wild that folks don’t understand the importance of humanity, justice, and the power of spirituality. There is a fire burning within us. It calls for us to pull back the veil and see beyond what is apparent on the surface. Pisces is our sign of going beyond the surface in a cosmic manner. It explores the idea of the world, our universe, and our fully expanded consciousness as “home”. This feels uncomfortable because we are uncomfortable with what we are learning about our world around us.

Avoidance is a seductive defense right now. Numbing through food, drink, inundation of information, falling completely into one emotion. When Pisces feels overwhelmed, Pisces shuts down or attempts to protect themselves. A retreat, vacation, or even just a weekend break probably sound really good right now. Shift between these two energies of taking in information, processing what you learn, dedicating energy to some areas and then taking breaks.

Sun, Mercury in Cancer reversed in the 9th house

               Mercury reverse in the sign of Cancer makes taking care of our “house” a bit difficult. We want to express how we nurture and feel nurtured, but there’s a cog in the delivery. The information is just not following. Our personal ability to care for ourselves relies on existing in a system that provides us that space. Thus, we created schools, religions, cultures, governments, economies, industries to organize our world. This was intended to make things more accessible. There’s a disconnect though. One system is not speaking to the other and none of them are jiving well with our own desires to care for ourselves because we are leaning into our personal dreams and talents. Our distinct desires are pulling us out of the current system and into one’s that are supportive of our endeavors. When that system no longer works, are we willing to dismantle it? Perhaps, but right now we are awakening to deeper truths.  And these deeper truths are triggering our spiritual warrior who desires revealing what we have learned. Be mindful through, things are never what they seem in with Neptune in Pisces. What feels like undeniable truth may be found to be quite different in the light of day away from the smoke and mirrors.

Mars and Neptune in Pisces

                We have touched a bit on the energy of Pisces but let’s take a closer look at the energy of Pisces. The water signs represent our connection to our hearts and souls. They are the energy of home in our bodies and on this planet. The exploration of the depths of our subconscious and lastly, how we as the individual exist in the collective of spirit. Pisces is expansion personified. Mutable water, Pisces is the flow of all energy from the macro to the micro, from the cosmos to the smallest minute cell, from the subconscious to the conscious. Pisces is the result of the hero’s journey. Or is it the fool’s journey? As the symbol of Pisces suggests it can go either way. The energy moves around and around. Cycling through our experiences that allow us, if we listen closely enough with our heart open, to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture.

                Mars in Pisces is the spiritual warrior. Willing to fight to live according to the principles it has established through it’s connection to the heart, soul, and divine. What drives you? What is your purpose? What lights the fires of your soul? Neptune at home in Pisces is overjoyed to take a sabbatical. These energies flow together suggesting that connection is the answer to the question: ‘what is all the work of this life for’? Connection to our path, purpose, soul, body, home, land, community, planet, and universe. We call this connection different things dependent upon the path that we take in life. Either way, this is our chance to clean that psychological window of the soul.

Sometimes we take on too much and it get smudged. If you find yourself jaded or unable to see how you fit into the conversations that are occurring in this world, your window may need a little bit of clearing up. Radical empathy will assist you in this process as your friends and loved ones provide an anchor to connect you to that pull you feel towards justice and change.

What do you stand for? What will you fall for? Sometimes the greatest move that we can make is to get back up and continue upon the journey. Don’t give up, for Pisces is also the sign of hope and dreams before life begins again.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn

                Make plans. Outline and define what the next steps are. Be open and transparent with your communication, especially as Mercury is in retrograde and messages can be lost in translation. Don’t take anything to serious. Find ways to support your humor during this time. Then get back to the drawing board. It takes time to create a new world and a new way of being. Give yourself that time. Also, we are going to see a lot of changes to continue to occur as for how we engage with, receive, and deliver information. Remain critical of your sources and open to other ways of knowing. Here’s a hint: pay attention to your dreams. There are clues there on how to leverage the wisdom of your ancestors to move us out of this space and into a bright future. But it will take work.        

Saturn in Aquarius

                A revolution is upon us. We feel it in our bodies, in our thoughts, words, and actions. We look at the norm and realize how it must be realigned. We can’t avoid the conversations, they are everywhere. It is important to gain clarity on how you view things. Particularly in what you value and how this can be in opposition to your actions. Thoughts, words, and actions must be in alignment. If they are not, then there are cracks in the foundation. Without a solid foundation the entire house is in danger. Look to your friends and loved one to sure up that foundation build on truth and courage. It is only from this space that everything can shift.

Uranus in Taurus

In what ways can we serve that speak to our specific purpose in life? Are you making decisions on who you should be and what your life work is based on other’s opinions? A time is coming to make a shift. To find peace based on your desires not others. There is only so far that our parents or guides can take us. After a time, we have to be willing to step out on our own. Are you ready? The time is now.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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