New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Sun, Moon, Mercury, and North Node in Gemini Gemini energy is here! We love Gemini in this house because their childlike curiosity can be so contagious. Gemini being so prominent in this astrological energy Venus and Mars in Cancer Beauty and passion unite this new moon. Our hearts are aflame with the energy of theContinue reading “New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini”

Cleaning the Window to the Soul: Summer Solstice 2020

Sun in Gemini/Cancer Cusp, Moon, North Node, and Venus in Gemini        Sun, Moon and North Node conjunct each other                 A season of facing difficult conversations while keeping our hearts open and soft is upon us. There’s no escaping the reality of where society is right now. There are age old topics which are being forcedContinue reading “Cleaning the Window to the Soul: Summer Solstice 2020”

Full Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo: Initiation Through Fire

Greetings beloveds, Today’s new moon falls on the full solar eclipse. It is a time when the world will be in flux. I implore you to take this time to check in. How do you feel right now? Are you excited, calm, scared, indifferent? Prioritize your health. I won’t try to tell you what youContinue reading “Full Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo: Initiation Through Fire”