Full Moon in Capricorn: Finding Relief in the Shade – The Shadow of Summer

Sun and Mercury in Cancer (Mercury retrograde)

Home is a feeling. A sense of security, trust, legacy, and freedom for some. For others a prison or just a space to stay for the time being. We can feel this way about our physical homes, bodies, or souls. Home above all else is our ability to form a connection from our hearts- to ourselves, each other, and this world.

This full moon there is a sense of frustration at the rules and definitions around how and what we form these connections to. The Capricorn full moon sheds light on how we have been neglecting to give these topics their just attention. Without a sense of purpose, Capricorn feels adrift and unmoored. In a sea of emotions, Cancer drifts further and further away from the comforts of the shore. How do we bring these two into harmony? Through awareness of our personal desires, hopes, and dreams. Letting these serve as a guide to steady the capricious Capricorn. Find your footing in this murky world and use your heart to ground your energy. A plan which is well thought out will bring great luck and joy to this otherwise rocky moment. Experiencing conflict with others in implementing this plan? Perhaps use active listening to better understand their perspective. Here’s an article that may help you.

Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde)

There is quite Capricorn energy at this time with the majority of the planets in retrograde. This is our annual review season. We distinctly experience this energy twice a year, during the summer and winter, our sibling seasons. During the winter, while things have slowed down in the northern hemisphere due to the colder harsher weather, in the summer we experience a desire to find the shade as relief against the harsh light of the sun. Sitting in direct light can lead to heat stroke, sunburn, and other ailments. Just as this impacts us physically, so can it happen spiritually. Thus, why summer is another chance to delve into our shadow. This time, addressing the areas that we just can’t seem to make progress on. The topics or goals that we keep hitting roadblocks or barriers to. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde suggest these will be around the topics related to collective progress, our life purpose, and our past lives. How do we reconcile this energy?

The key lies in Cancer, the opposite sign which is gently nudging us to turn inwards. How do you feel? Monitor your feelings. Not sure how to recognize and identify your feelings? This site might help.

Once you have reviewed this site, connect with your ancestors and ask for their wisdom. There is wound being healed around our feelings towards our ancestors. Anchor yourself in your heart and be willing to face the shadow of genocide, abuse, colonialism, capitalism, slavery, and loss. For within this shadow there is gold – resilience, innovation, courage, perseverance, love, and life.

Be brave.

Venus and True Node in Gemini

Venus has finally gone direct. More then likely you have discovered some truths and made some important observations about your relationships. Now, it’s time to use this information to not only make wise decisions on how you plan to move forward in your relationships but also to address the purpose of this time: radical truth through transmission and reception of ideas, stories, and experience.

Express your truth and let the world hear your story. If you feel a bit silenced this may indicate that there is a shadow or past lie infraction related to a desire or restriction on the ability to gain knowledge through exploration of the unknown. Now you are gathering information from everywhere. We have so much information at our disposal but what good is it without taking a moment to collect and understand what you have found. Take a moment of reflection to gather your thoughts or you may find others dismissing what you have to share as just rambling, ravings, or unfounded theories. Also, fact check everything.

Mars in Aries

Basically, it’s go time. This is the energy of the warrior. What is a warrior without purpose though? A merciless dictator or killer. Thus, we must ground through our hearts and great purpose. Find your path and then channel this energy into reaching these goals.

Uranus in Taurus

We are still fleshing out our values. What do we truly value? Is it materials goods, relationships, a general sense of well-being? Cars, clothes, houses, buildings, institutions, systems, community, life, love, peace, security, our health. All of these are things that we value in varying degrees. The question is are your values in alignment with your heart, soul purpose, and behaviors? Or is something out of alignment. If you claim to value light, love, and sovereignty and yet your actions condone ignoring the rights of others to lives where they are treated fairly…there may be a disconnect that will only become more and more apparent as time goes on. You may find peace with this cognitive dissonance at this time, but it will not last. The time will come and your values will be called forward for examination. This is the year of judgement. Make sure you are in alignment and that it is reflected throughout your connections.

Neptune in Pisces

A time to dream, but have we become addicted to the sweet temptations of the unconscious realm? Pisces can pick up on the subtlest shifts in energy and yet be oblivious to how to implement the changes needed to bring alignment. A bit of order is required. Take a note from Virgo here, make a list lovies and post it somewhere you can see it. Then schedule time to dream, be in ritual, practice your faith, swim in the depths of your subconscious. This will be a tough full moon so make sure there is plenty of time for self and community care.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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