Divination Toolkit: Astrology – Modes of Energy

Hello lovies,

Here’s a quick review of the modes of energy in astrology.

Cardinal signs carry the energy of beginnings with Aries carrying the spark of life which gets the Western zodiac wheel turning. Signs in this area are great at starting projects, being leaders, discerning issues and creating ways to address them. They are not the signs to go to for completing a project whether that’s in the middle or end of the process. They need the assistance of other signs in the charts to help them see things through. These signs start the seasons and drive the spirit of birth, life, death, and renewal. 

Stabilizing, enduring, and innovative are just some of the words to describe fixed energy in astrology. Where as Aries starts us off, Taurus provides that nurturing space to plant the seeds of  creation so they can develop into full fledged goals and projects. Without the perseverance of the fixed signs, there would be so many unfinished manuscripts, ideas, inventions, and relationships. The downside of fixed energy would be stubbornness, not being open to change, and becoming so invested in completing a project or goal that they neglect the world around them creating isolating circumstances and discord. 

Finally we have our mutable signs. This is the energy of change that comes from nearing the end of any endeavor. Mutable signs give us flexibility, creativity, and an ability to see the forest not just the trees. These characteristics allow for us to take all of the energy of the cardinal and fixed signs to completion. To investigate, weigh, learn, and share with the collective the journey from start to finish and back again. 


The Depths of the Underworld: Scorpio Shadow Work with The Morrigan

New Moon In Scorpio.pngGreetings beloveds,

Welcome to the season of honoring those who have been and the things that we must release in order to move on. This is a great time to work with the energy of The Morrigan. You might be familiar with Morgan Le Fey as associated with King Author and The Mists of Avalon. You may have heard about her as the half-sister of Author who had a child with him. You may also know her as the Goddess of war, death, and sex. The Morrigan is a Celtic Goddess of multiple forms such as Badb, Macha, and Anu. She is a powerful Goddess that can assist in your healing, connection to abundance, personal sense of power, magic, and other topics depending on your relationship with her.

The Morrigan calls us to recognize that fulfilling our purpose requires for us to follow our path regardless of what others might think of us. That the stories that they tell about us cannot deter us from what we know is our truth.

There’s a lot of talk of shadow work. Some of it is grounded in Jungian psychology. Some of it is just what others have channeled into their personal and professional work. I’ve been thinking about the core of what that means in relationship to Scorpio and the Morrigan. The image that kept coming to mind was the mists or fog and the moon. All of these are conditions associated with night time or with low light. Yet, this isn’t Silent Hill. The world doesn’t magically change when the sun goes down or a siren goes off. The world of the night is structurally the same during the day. It is our perception and inability to see as well during these times that causes us to distort what is present.

The Morrigan invites us to bring what is apparent during the day into the night. To use the elements of the night to our advantage. This is shadow work. Using the characteristics of our shadow or unconscious to our advantage. Yes, you may be a serial monogamous but you always stay true to yourself eventually. Or perhaps you have a significant other who makes you feel inferior but this also makes you feel secure because it is what you are used to. We do not have to search for our shadow, it is always with us. It is in our laughter, joy, smiles, fears, tears, and dreams of the future.

Read through this and envision yourself as the main character.

Slowly you open your eyes blinking rapidly at the bright light of the sun as it glares brightly in the East. You slowly rise up feeling the weight of your body as you move into a sitting position.

You look around you taking in what looks like the remains of a battle. Shields, swords, bullet casings, and the remains of clothes are scattered as far as you can see.

No people though, dead or alive.

Gently, you come to your feet, not sure if your legs will support you. Stiffly you move your body around letting the feeling of life flow back through your limbs.

Your eyes have adjusted and you now can see a pillar of smoke off in the distance. Without hesitation you move towards that sign of life, not sure if this is friend or foe. But you’re out here alone and you desire some form of companionship.

As you move across the field a glint of metal and light catches your eye. Walking to that area you spot an object on the ground. You pull away some grass to get a better look and then place the object in your pocket.

Suddenly the light dims and you feel the wind pick up. Without thought you run in the direction of the fire. There’s a strange sense of urgency in the air.

You reach the roaring flames just as there’s a flash and you wake up.

Happy New Moon in Scorpio loves. Reflect on the item that you picked up. We will be referring back to this as we explore the light of Scorpio with Persephone.

Much love to you all,

Kamilah Rose


October Astrology: Scorpio Season

autumn moments (2)October 9 Mercury enters Scorpio

Friends don’t keep secrets but Scorpios do. Communication in the sign of Scorpio functions on a needs to know basis. Although you may pour your heart out to Scorpion,  you’ll only realize that you learned nothing about them days or weeks later. Mercury in Scorpio pulls us towards deep conversations about our hopes and fears. About the things that keep us up at night. Clawing at our souls to be seen. We turn inward from the scales of speaking our truth towards wisdom, fear or denial. How do you hold truth? Do you shy away from what is burying your head in the sand or use your oxygen mask to explore the depths of humanity.

October 23 Sun enters Scorpio

We balanced our scales and now to give us the strength to face our darkness Scorpio comes forth to deliver the medicine of painful healing. Scorpios are ruled by the planet Pluto, signifying their dark mysterious personalities. I mean let’s be honest Pluto was the last planet to be discovered it was that far outside of our reality. Then, Pluto lost its planet status signifying just how little we really understand Scorpio’s and who they are. One minute you think you have them figured out and the next you’re not even sure if they are human because no one should be that hard to define. You may not feel that you can define a Scorpio but best believe there’s a really easy way to recognize them. Scorpio’s didn’t do all that deep sea psychological diving for nothing. They know who they are, their values, and what they desire. They are the person at the party who isn’t loud, doesn’t have to be the center of attention and yet when they saunter by your table every eye turns in their direction. Scorpio’s knowledge of self and others is magnetic. It is highly desirable because they are the most stable water sign and their emotional states are together.

Scorpio’s connection to the underworld means they are permanently connected to the spiritual realm. Giving them access to what is occurring beneath the surface of our actions, thoughts, and beliefs. When Scorpio’s take this knowing combined with their inherent value of human worth and rise from the underworld they soar as the Eagle.Scorpio’s in their Eagle form take their place beside the Libra warriors of Justice and the Sagittarian Phoenix to defend those who are may not have the strength to defend themselves. They are the swift retribution brought down on those who harm others. Their keen eyesight let’s the see divine truth while their talons can both snatch those in need out of harms way while decimating the perpetrators. The Eagle is just one option. If Scorpio becomes to focused on self, wallowing in a state of mistrust and suspicion, then they may become the grey lizard. Never leaving the ground, never using their skills to assist themselves or each other. The grey lizard lacks perspective and passion, preferring to stay close to the ground where they feel safe. Scorpio’s can be whatever they wish. They are the darkness before creation. They are the space that exists before all new things come into being. They must make the choice of fear versus flight.

October 31 Mercury enters Sagittarius and Venus Retrograde enters Libra.

There is much happening today. Mercury enters into Sagittarius and Venus retrograde moves into Libra. We feel moved to share more, embrace transparency and have more fun. After the heavy cleansing of the past month, we are ready for this break. Yet, depending on where you are in your journey you may embody any of the faces of Kali. May you act though as the destroyer of ignorance and fear. Perhaps you have found that the scales were just too much for you this past few weeks. As others have risen speaking without thought of their words impact, transmute that energy into power for your work and purpose. Sagittarius is an energy of knowledge and exploration. You cannot learn sometimes unless you are willing to step out from your comfort zone. So take a step of faith with the belief that you will learn what you need and be able to serve as you desire.

As Venus retrogrades back into Libra, I caution you to approach this time with great respect. Libra has expressed herself recently as the energy of Oya and Oya is not here to play. If you are not familiar with Oya I suggest that you just give your respects to this energy and not give offerings. Oya made it very clear that she brings us through gates into the underworld of the colder months of the year. Her message is to let what is passed die. Focus on what builds you up over what brings you down. This is a time of prosperity and abundance but only if you are open to receiving it. The scales have been laced before you. What have you hidden from the world afraid to even acknowledge? Place them on the scales along with your heart. Which is heavier? Which guides you? The influence of others and their expectations or your essence from within? It’s choice. Choose wisely.

Love always,

Kamilah Rose

New Moon in Cancer: Shadow Work and Friday the 13th

New Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Greetings beloveds,

I know that everyone has been doing their work, right? Digging in deep to see what your attachments, writing your intentions, evaluating your goals, and spending every evening in Epsom salt, essential oils, and rose petals…no? Lol well that’s understandable. The luxury market of self-care market may not be available to everyone and the question really  brings us to the shadow of the new moon in Cancer eclipse.

This is a unique event coupled with Friday the 13 the next day. In Tarot, the 13 card is the Death Card representing change, rebirth, and initiation. Ruled by Scorpio, Death is an invitation to explore the depths of your soul. Scorpio is afraid of nothing. They thrive within the underworld where we find the truth of who we are.  If we are looking for an opportunity to heal and integrate our higher/lower consciousness then this full moon is the perfect time to do so.

Jupiter in Scorpio going direct coupled with all of this energy is calling us to let old ideas, versions of our self, and parts of our stories that hold us in unhealthy patterns to die. When we write down our story, we are able to reflect and see where we could be living according to the 3 Lies.

Three Lies

When we live according to The Three Lies we move further and further away from who we truly are. This new moon, commit to being aware and present. This will allow for you to see when you are following The Three Lies. Then take a deep breath and come back to who you really are.

Next week, we’ll dive into how to heal from trauma through rewriting our stories.

Love you,

-Kamilah Rose

May Planetary Placements: Cultivating Beautiful Sacred Space

May Astrology

Greetings beloveds,

May is a bit of a slow month astrologically but it’s needed with the work that we are doing. On May 13th Mercury enters Taurus joining the sun. This officially starts are astrological movement from fire to earth energy. Aries kicks off the astrological new year and spring calling us to be brave so we can begin again. Mercury in Taurus brings our awareness to calm, grounded forms of communication. We are settling into our homes, our bodies, ourselves. We speak with our feat firmly planted on the ground. A startling understanding of the beauty of taking our time.

Soon after this we experience the new moon in Taurus. During this time we have Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio in retrograde. The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all in Taurus. Mars is in Capricorn, Venus in Gemini, and Neptune in Pisces. Seven of the ten Western astrological planets are in Earth signs, the majority in Taurus. We have taken the rose-colored glasses off to bring the beauty we have dreamed of into reality. You can read more about the new moon in Taurus here.

On May 16 Mars enters Aquarius moving our expression of passion and aggression from a grounded sacrificial energy to one of creativity and innovation. Venus enters Cancer and we take the deep dive into our emotional connections with our home and the divine feminine. Partner this with the Taurus energy and you may find yourself wanting to cleanse and redecorate your home, office, car, and physical form. Be mindful to not place too much importance on fulfilling your fantasies while ignoring reality. It may feel great to brighten your home up or purchase a new car but your finances might take the biggest hit.

May 20th the Sun enters Gemini and we officially enter Gemini season. It’s time to connect, talk, and bring our light/shadow out to play. You might find yourself wanting to get our and spend time with your people.

Check back in soon for the rest of the important astrological movements occurring right before the full moon in Sagittarius.

See you soon!

-Kamilah Rose

Full Moon in Scorpio: Embrace the Transformation

Full Moon In Scorpio

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you are all well. I know that there is A LOT going on right now energetically that could be affecting your equilibrium right now. On April 14th we had Jupiter sextile Pluto which held our hand as we moved to do incredible things. To move ourselves closer to our dreams. The 17th saw Chiron enter Aries while Saturn goes retrograde. We are healing our relationship to ourselves and how we interact with each other. This is highlighted by the sun moving into Taurus on the 19th who is called us to awareness of the beauty of our foundation and “home”. If we expand the definition of home to include our mind, hearts, spirit, and body, then home becomes something that we always have access to. Let us find the beauty in that space. April 17th also is the start of retrograde season! I wrote about the planets in retrograde that you can read about here. On the 19th Pluto in Capricorn joins Saturn in Scorpio in retrograde. This is an intense time of healing in so many ways.

One of the first areas that we will experience healing is in our heart space. With the planets in retrograde, sun in Taurus, and full moon in Scorpio we are deep within our feeling spaces. Strong beautiful moments when we are fully open and aware. This might feel painful because we are clearing out the experiences that have anchored us to our past. These experiences will range from ecstatic love to deep trauma.  Take a tip from Scorpio and find a space where you feel safe and secure. Perhaps a dark quiet place that is very comfortable.

As we are in the depths of our psyche and the underworld with Scorpio, Saturn, and Pluto this is a great time to tap into the wisdom of the deepest parts of the ocean.


Time to develop our own form of trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) the molecule that helps proteins work at high pressure. The animals that survive in the depths of this region survive off the remains of those that float down after their death. What have you released over the past few months? Release their remains so that you can transform.

Optional Supplies:

Water, tea, or red drink of your choice. Pick something that makes you feel warm and powerful (ex: cinnamon, fig, mulberry, rose, mugwort, and lavender –  Click here for a list of cleansing herbs/foods).

a candle that is red, orange, yellow, or your personal power color


Dress your candle if you would like to increase the power of this intention.

Take 3 deep breaths and see yourself moving through fog towards a lake. See the small boat tied to the edge of the lake with a single lantern hanging from it’s bow. Enter the boat and as you sit, it moves on its’ own disappearing into the mist. You feel no fear, only resolve to complete your journey.

The boat stops in the middle of the lake. You look around you unsure of what is next. There is a gentle splash near you. You turn towards the sound and a figure beneath the surface. You watch it swim under the water, curious. Slowly, the rather large being stops beneath your boat.

Slowly from the depths an object rises facing you. With a calm demeanor deep eyes stare into yours and find yourself facing an ancient being of a time long forgotten. It is the water dragon. A creator that has existed in your soul forever. You close your eyes not quite believing what you are seeing. The dragon moves closer to you and you reach out. Your hand tentatively reaches out touching the rough wet scales. The dragon nudges your hand closing its’ eyes. You do the same feeling a spark arise.

You are transported to a cave. What color do you see? Is it light or dark? The dragon is wrapped around an egg of light and you step forward. The dragon rises to meet you. You reach for the egg and to your surprise it dissolves into your hands with a bright flash of light.

Once upon a time, you were different. Another being who lived a life that you do not recognize. There were friends, family, situations that you encountered during that time that you released so that you could cross the lake and take this journey. The person you used to be has been transformed, reborn. What was left has now been repurposed, transformed.

Take three deep breaths. What do you see around you? What does that cave look like now? Is there anyone there? Take note of your space.

The light slowly dims and you find yourself back on the boat. The dragon nudges your hand giving you its blessing. As it moves back under the water you hear a word whispered in your mind. It is the name of the dragon. You may use this to call the energy of transformation to you whenever you may need its guidance or support. The water dragon is one of your greatest allies. It holds the wisdom of the depths beyond the light.

Hold your candle in your left hand and transfer some of the energy you absorbed from the egg. When you feel ready light the candle.

Now place your hand over your drink. Again, send some of the energy from the egg to the drink. Feel it being empowered by your will to adapt and thrive. When you ready consume your drink. Take that energy into yourself with purpose. You are a complete whole being who THRIVES in all spaces including the depths of the sea/soul. Embrace it. Feel it. Know it.

Finish this ritual with a bath or shower. Cleanse your body of what was so that you have fully engage with what you have become.


Happy Full Moon!!


Life After Death: November’s Call to Reset


Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all are well. The weather is shifting quickly in alignment with the rapid shifting of our spiritual states. We are pulling in. Moving to focus our energy on the internal. Our souls, our emotions, our thoughts and minds in a tangible way. This also draws our attention to our interactions and how this effects our internal states. This November, here at the Bliss Institute we will be focused on the element of air through breath. More specifically, how breath can ground and connect us when we are feeling called to retreat from the other. The power of breath, of air, is sometimes lost in the thoughts of the mind or the pull of the physical. This month we move beneath the surface to remember what we have always known.

November also finds us firmly within the underworld. Samhain has passed but energy is fluid so the veils remain thin as our connection to the spirit world increases with the decrease of light from the sun. More Goddesses of life and death will be introduced such as Ala, Pele, and Kali. It is also fitting that we find balance through the divine masculine and death in part 3 of our book review of The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. This is a fitting transition to Gods of Life and Death that will be introduced in 2018. Lastly, celebration through feast, community, and faith will be explored through the planet Ceres and the benefits of giving thanks.

We welcome November and give thanks for lessons we will learn as the underworld becomes our home.


New Moon in Libra: The Beauty in Expansion

New Moon Readings (1)Greetings beloveds,

New moon in Libra, who dis? Ohhh the love of Libra to have balance and harmony in their worlds. Let’s of changes are coming and if you think that things are getting a little out there, just wait. I’m still on b-day celebration so this new moon reading will be short but to the point.

In general, this new moon is about reveling in what you have manifested from the hard work you’ve been doing all year. For some of us this is a time for joy, celebration, and saying oh yes give more of that. For others, it’s a “this is my life??”. It’s time to take a look around and see what you are creating. If your world is turning upside down and not in your favor, you’ve got about a week before Scorpio comes in and drags your ass to the underworld. Oh Libra is all love, fun, and beauty but they will read you with a quickness. There’s no better judge than a Libra on their throne. If you find that things are going in the direction you desire, bravo love the world is at your finger-tips. If not, it’s not too late. It’s never too late with Libra at the wheel as long as you are open, transparent, and willing to bare your soul. It’s time.

Time for honesty, time for self-care, time for you to honor yourself. In the work that I’ve done on the feminine and the masculine it’s interesting to see how really they are the same although they may appear to be very different. This new moon The Goddess steps into the spotlight in a way that cannot be ignored. She is calling for us to remember our creative ability and the energy of creation. How it is a process which starts with just a seed. What seeds have you planted? What seeds are languishing under the soil of your soul waiting for you to giving them some light so they can break free of their casing and bloom? Take a deep breath. Take several deep breaths. Go for a swim, take a nap, have sex, write, paint, sing, dance, hang with friends, cook a meal, make something. Now see what you did there? That’s creation.

Dream big. Did that? Ok now dream bigger! We live in an ever expanding world and yet we play small. Why? Fear, shame, pity, pettiness, anger, trauma, love, compassion, security or support? Shift your focus from lack to plenty. We are always birthing something (it just does not always look like what we thought it would). When it arrives look your creation straight in the eye and say well alright this is just what I wanted or alright this is something (you gotta learn to have fun with it).

Here’s a little story I’m going to share with you about our expanding world and playing small. I have 6 figure school loan debt that I hate and find to be very embarrassing. I prefer to not have to talk about or even acknowledge its existence. I make my monthly payments and hope that one day it just magically disappears. Money flows in to me pretty quickly. I get a lump sum every month for just being alive. Yet, that loan debt is the shadow behind my apparent abundance. This week I turned 30 and wanted to have a luxurious experience. Spa, hot tubs, saunas, and time in nature. I wanted it to fit my budget because I want to pay for things in cash and not add to my debt. Yet, here I am charging my room. My shadow says you want it baby, you’ll get it. Room super cheap, all other expenses paid in cash. My shadow laughs at me as I continue to drag shame around because I’ve gotten what I wanted. I know folks with no debt and can’t seem to rub two pennies together and yet I could never work again and still have enough income to support myself if I scale down my lifestyle. My debt is large because my ability to manifest is large. So I’m welcoming it in. All of it! As Carolyn Elliot says in her amazing EK work for her Influence Course (take it you won’t regret it. I’m getting on my shadows side.

Get on your shadows side. Create, expand, and find the beauty in the world around you.


Autumn Equinox Energy Forecast: Harmony in Mind, Heart, Spirit, and Body

Autumn Equinox

Greetings beloveds, 

It’s a bit chilly you as you open the door to start your day. Children have returned to school and perhaps you or others you know have returned to their higher education studies. Cars are riding with the windows down. Patios are open and becoming you to come, eat, and relax at restaurants. The evenings grace us with cool breezes reminding us of warm drinks, cozy fires, and nourishing comfort foods. Oh yea and it’s officially pumpkin spice everything. Welcome to Autumn.

This is going to be a season of thoughtfulness. Metacognition, research, education, advances in technology and detail oriented analysis. Autumn crawls in shifting the energy towards stillness, turning us inwards. As Autumn is ruled by the element of air and the cardinal sign of Libra we find ourselves reflecting on balance, justice, beauty of our experiences and being. You can read more about the Autumn’s energy here. This season may come as a comfort for some after the deep emotional work and release that occurred over the summer. We will find ourselves taking a more detached and rational approach to our relationships, plans, and desires. This does not mean that we will become cold hearted but more so that we will process experiences through a different lens.

Now, we will be accessing our world through the perception of Lady Justice. As you know, her eyes are covered for she weighs the choices and works of this world based on intuition and her connection with Spirit. Has what occurred brought balance to myself, others, and our world? Are my plans and desires rooted in creating balance, beauty, and justice? If not, it is time to re-examine your goals and plans. We have entered an age of transparency and authenticity. If your works and ambitions will knowingly cause harm or pain they will not serve you well. Remember, Fall is not only about balance but justice. So be mindful of what you would like to create in the world. Justice will be served if not on this plane on another.


We start this season off still smarting from the burning away of relationships, illusions, and connections from the summer and eclipse. You may find your thoughts still preoccupied with a broken heart, rejection, insecurity, or grieving for the loss of what was. Many have experienced the loss of their jobs, cars, homes, family, friends, lovers, animal companions, and dreams. This mental masturbation should begin to quiet during October. As you begin to accept the new world that you exist in you will begin to operate from a more balanced place internally. What has been occurring over the past year has been a reconfiguration of the masculine. This is an energy that we all hold so we have all felt the pangs of healing. The masculine lay at the bottom of the ocean over the summer watching the shimmer of the sun against the water. Knowing that at some point they would shine again. Struggling to become a part of the depth of the waters as the salt cleansed wounds with a searing burn. Has our masculine risen? Time will tell.

Following the eclipse, the path was opened to drift into the sweetness of fresh waters. These waters provide a gentler healing where one can look around them and see how they might fit into this world. The energy of Libra soothes the critical Virgo energy as we now look at what CAN be done to achieve our goals and heal. October via Libra is a time for forward movement focused on the truth that self-care produces the means to achieve successful supporting external relationships. Our hearts were heavy this summer and it is time to balance the scales. What do you need to release to bring harmony? Do you need to work with your heart? Become your hearts friend? Or perhaps you need to let your heart have the entire bowl on one side of the scale and increase your weight of your thoughts by going deeper within your mind and connection with spirit.


Balancing our heart brings us to a space of divine healing. Spend the time of October 22-November 22 focused on your spiritual wellbeing and connection. Time spent in meditation, spiritual communion, prayer, and spiritually focused study will begin to remove the blocks within your energy that have restricted your ability to expand. It must be noted this may not be a pleasant experience. Think of when your leg has fallen asleep and you begin to slowly move it to get the blood flowing again. It’s prickly and tingling. A strange feeling that can be unpleasant but let’s you know unequivocally that you are alive. That is how this healing will feel. We have shifted into Scorpio season which is calling us into the underworld. The veils of the world are becoming thinner so that this spiritual work can be done with more ease. Release resistance to this process. Prepare for it. You know that the underworld is coming so get ready. This is one of the few times I can tell you, the underworld is not sneaking up on you. Death is standing right in front of you, letting you know my time is coming.

Think of this like the rip current. The advice when you encounter a rip current is to not fight the waves that are pulling you under and out to see. Swim parallel to the shore and try to conserve your energy. Go with the flow because you feel as if you are being pulled under when you are really being pulled out. You are being forced to expand at a rate that is faster than what we are used to. The water will toss and tumble you. This is not about what you want and there is no directing this event. You can only focus on yourself. Swim along what you are wanting to achieve. Eventually your feet will touch the bottom of the ocean. You’ll feel the steadiness of the land beneath your feet. Then you’ll be near enough to the shore, to moving out of the underworld, that you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The point? To wake you up. To make you remember the brilliance of this world. To know your power and purpose. To see the beauty in yourself and others. Our motto for the middle portion of Autumn is “just keep swimming”.


As Winter approaches, the days shorten and the sky darkens as we are pulled into the spirit world. We are nearing the season of death and rebirth. You have worked to balance your heart, establish a spiritual connection founded on healing, and now it is time to share your truth. This may be with close friends, your family, your social media circle, or the world. Regardless of whether you speak your truth to your animal friends or in a public announcement, speak. Embody your truth so that your very being expresses your story. Nonverbal communication will serve you just as much as audible speech. Dress yourself in a fashion that is aligned with your true self. Let the movement of your body be lead by your intuition. Perhaps taking a class on speaking, ballet, pole, or another form of physical expression through movement. These classes will assist you in finding motions that will meet this need. This will also be an excellent time to work on your throat chakra through sound and crystal healing modalities. I recently started working with the gong and singing bowls and they have changed every aspect of my practice. Toning, chanting, singing, even reading your own words aloud are additional forms of practice to take up at this time.

Well loves that’s our overview for Fall 2017. There will be a bit of work involved but it will be worth it. Here’s to meeting you all in the underworld at Winter’s Solstice.