The realest: Connecting with Isis

Hello lovies,

Imagine: you find out that your man, your husband, your partner, stepped out on you and now you have a child to raise between him and your sister. All the while you all are trying to keep the peace between him and your bother who is determined to be in power over everyone. In fact, he goes so far as to plot to kill your husband and succeeds. Sounds like an awful soap opera, but these are myths of Isis.

I call Isis the realest because her stories are everyone’s. She has been through just about everything in her relationships. Her life was not easy regardless of her power, skills, and blessings. Yet, even with all that she experienced Isis thrived.  Isis represents life with all of it’s ups and downs. She stands as lover, mother, witch, queen, wife, widow, stepmother, auntie, healer.

Summer is a season of birthing, healing, release, and growth. We swim with Cancer, shine with Leo, and bask in the abundance of our harvest with Virgo. The story of Isis can walk us through each of these seasons from darkness to light.

A lesson from Isis for this month is to never let others dull your shine. Even as she mourned the loss of her husband, Isis still knew her worth. Even when you feel at your lowest, you are still worthy, needed, and divine. To remind yourself of this truth, pick one act of self-indulgent self-care. This can be using perfume, a long bath, jewels, your favorite outfit, hairstyle, or hobby. This can be anything that reminds you who you are. Commit to doing this practice once a week.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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