The Flow of Your Space: Water in the Home

Copy of Move Like WaterGreetings beloveds,

Summer time and the living is EASY…well it might not be easy but it definitely is hot. There are so many ways to utilize the element of water in our lives. During the summer, we gravitate to this element even more as the intensity of the heat makes us crave water as it refreshes and cools us. Water also assists us in feeling into and working with the heightened emotional energy of summer. As the reflection of the grounding energy of winter, summer provides us with the opportunity to emotionally connect and remove blockages to our energetic flow.  Here are some ways to include water in your home and space:

  • water fountains
  • fish tanks
  • pools
  • images of water
  • play sounds of nature that feature water such as rain, ocean waves, babbling brooks, and melting snow.

You can also take the time to connect to the element personally and see how it would like to be included in your space. For me, I have mermaids, seashells, blues, greens, teals, and my water altar jar, and an image of Yemaya in my bathroom as decor to always remind me to give gratitude for the element of water. If you have a personal altar space, you can spruce up the area dedicated to water by adding something new or special in that area.

What are your favorite ways to connect to the element of water in your living space?



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