Full Moon in Cancer: A New World

Sun, Mercury, Pluto in Capricorn

                Well this is an energetic shift! This is the first time in a WHILE that our planetary engagement with Capricorn features only Pluto with the swiftly moving additions of the Sun and Mercury. This will be a fun Full Moon! We will want to put time and energy into the things that bring us pleasure without the guilt of feeling like we should be working on other projects or activities. It’s a delightful time to…wait for it…make a plan! Oh there’s nothing that is more exciting then happening across something that inspires us to start anew. Whatever grabs your attention, go with it. This will help set the tone for 2021 in a fantastic way.

Moon in Cancer

                The Moon is home in Cancer today and we are feeling connected with others in a way that we haven’t in a while. This leads us to nurturing those around us who make up our community both at the micro and macro level. Opposing the Capricorn energy, we find ourselves drawn towards activities that fuel our creative engines such as volunteering, offering classes, hosting artistic activities, or scheduling media dates with friends and family – virtually of course.

                The urge to give give give and save the world might be really strong this full moon. Channel that into creating or supporting opportunities that impact those around you in a positive way. With that being said, as we are in the holiday season, don’t forget to make sure your own cup is full. There is a lot of outward facing energy that is active the new moon which may cause for us to neglect our own needs. Let’s stay aware and make sure we keep those self-care days on our calendar.

Venus in Sagittarius

                Ohhh remember when I said we were going to be having fun this full moon? It doesn’t get more fun then Venus in Sagittarius. Our homes turn into our personal playgrounds! If you are not wanting to become pregnant during this time, make sure you take the appropriate precautions because this energy is spontaneous, fun, and fancy free which can lead to some unplanned outcomes. Otherwise, take that chance and stay in the moment! Approach your relationships with a light heart and intention to truly connect with others at a primal level that is not hindered by social expectations.

Also, keep in mind that if you are desiring a deep connection at this time, it is best to communicate well and BELIEVE WHAT THEY TELL YOU IN RESPONSE! If others are taking a very laissez faire attitude about things don’t read more into it. Neptune in Pisces wants a deeper emotional connection that just might not be on the table this time around.

Mars and Chiron in Aries

                Still moving, still growing, still going. Mars and Chiron in Aries are calling us to continue to learn more about what drives us, what gets us excited, and who we are. Take the self-exploration class, read the book, write in your journal, have a long chat with your therapist, friends, family, or spiritual advisor. All of these will be crucial in helping you to understand that gold in the shadow that becomes VERY apparent during this full moon. Chiron is highlighting our wounds that we have experienced or inflicted upon others in relation to our ancestors, ego, spirituality, and the taboo.

                As there is a lot of fun and flirty energy active this full moon, be mindful of wounds or shadows related to abandonment, self-worth, and emotionally distancing yourself from others. This is also a time when our masochist or sadist tendencies may be heightened particularly if we have past life experiences where we have been hurt or hurt others by not promising more then we could offer or forcing others to stay in relationships that they did not desire. If this is a wound for you, holding that space and facing the emotional work related to these topics can be very taxing, but it will also be quite rewarding.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

                Hello new energy part 2. Jupiter and Saturn are FINALLY out of Capricorn and are now housed in Aquarius. This changes our energy from the grounding, controlled, purpose-oriented earth energy to spontaneous, rebellious, revolutionary, forward thinking, quirky air energy. We are rethinking how we are of service to others. What are we really contributing to our community, society, and the world.

Jupiter asks where can we expand? Where can we do more?

Saturn asks where are we doing too much? What areas need to be assessed to determine what we can improve or try differently? Saturn also wants to let go of old systems and make room for new ones that will better serve us.

Lots of new questions and areas to explore for the next year. Let’s approach these questions honestly and openly.

Uranus in Taurus

                Uranus is still chilling in Taurus, changing the way that we interact with the material world (hello climate change), our bodies, our personal self-worth, and our values. This full moon, we will be taking the student/teacher route. It’s time to learn more about what all of this means and how we contribute or understand these areas. This is challenged by our planets in Aquarius which are very ready to burn it all down and start over. Taurus is a slower energy and feels like we need to prepare, prepare, prepare. Sometimes all this learning and planning leaves us feeling like we are never ready to make the change. What pulls us out of this is that we will learn so much that we can no longer be comfortable where we are. When this happens, Taurus will have to change and Aquarius will be there to hold our hand (or push us off the ledge).

Neptune in Pisces

                We are feeling deeply connected to everyone and everything. It’s a beautiful feeling, but this can also leave us vulnerable to being taken advantage of or burning out. Make sure that you are focusing on your own needs AND not expecting for others to be able to read your mind to give you what you need. You are going to need to communicate if you want others to be able to assist you when you need it. Otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re doing everything for everyone else without that energy being reciprocated. Also, it  is perfectly fine to take care of yourself. Have fun with things and don’t take anything very seriously. This is a fun time and we should approach everything from a lighter perspective.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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