Leo Full Moon: Be Brave and Shine

Leo Moon Gang Gang! Although I generally enjoy more of the proper Leo season myself, this full moon brings us a lot of as my friend Dr. Susan Harper says “opportunities for growth”.

Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius

                Aquarius season is in full effect. Things are a bit…strange. Weird. Unusual. We like it though. It piques our interest and feeds our curiosity. And we are quite curious about ourselves, our world, and what is happening around us. This year we will be developing our critical thinking skills. One way to do this is to explore alternative explanations ALONG with very dull boring practical answers. While some things will be unable to be explained, others have a quite mundane answer. Above all else remember, we are human and subject to error. Also, let us always remember it is important to examine credibility, our sources, and the message that is being shared.

                The Sun in Aquarius turns our attention towards how we can utilize modern advances to create better lived experiences for everyone. Aquarius is represented by the Star Card in tarot. A card that brings with it the energy of Temperance. Bringing balance to the mind and the heart. A time of magic through harmonizing. When we are out of harmony, this can be felt in a multitude of ways. You feel uncomfortable physically, emotionally, mentally, in your spirit. Explore that gently. Lean into the discomfort to find the root of what ails you. A huge portion of Aquarius energy is related to community, to society, to the collective. Thus, seeking assistance will be a part of this process. When we work on ourselves, we do the work of the collective. When we work together, it allows us to heal ourselves. It is a reciprocal relationship.

                Mercury adjusts the lens through which we view our role in the world and the collective. Jupiter seeks expansion and Saturn helps us to make the plans that will work to bring these dreams into reality. This is such a beautiful time, even though it may be very taxing. Work takes energy. It’s up to us to manage and understand how our energy flows. We will be learning a lot this full moon and it won’t be a comfortable experience. Do it anyway.

Moon in Leo

                Leo moon gives us strong Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth vibes. This is an energy of being true to yourself even if you’re scared that others will judge you or laugh at you. This is a very sensitive topic. This fear of humiliation and being ostracized really hits at the heart of Leo’s even though they (I) would never admit it. Regardless, that is why they are ruled by the sun and associated with Lion’s because they shine without needing to do anything else other than be themselves. The approval and applause that they receive without asking for it, appeases these fears and builds up their courage to step even further out into the spotlight. Thus, this full moon, you take the stage to share your gift and your talents. Everyone has something that makes them a star. Embrace what makes you uniquely you. You have things to teach others and to learn from them.

Leo and Aquarius are in opposition which activates that polarity between wisdom from the soul and the soul on fire. Balance these energies out by allowing yourself to shine and creating a space where others can do the same. What will be frustrating during this process is the energy coming from our friend Taurus. We have Mars and Uranus here which is a very chill, out of the way, supportive energy, but it’s not a name in lights type of vibe. Yet, Leo’s and Venus go hand in hand. If we allow ourselves to have the quiet peaceful moments along with taking risks to be seen we can work with both energies. Taurus admires Leo’s natural leadership abilities, and Leo loves that Taurus is able to create spaces that bring them peace. Put these aspects into conversation and let them each have their moment. It will make everything easier.

Venus and Pluto in Capricorn  

                Commitment. That’s it. What are you committed to, what are the things that you run away from because you feel like they tie you down? Venus in Capricorn can stand the test of time in relationships. It is reliable and determined to honor the promises that they made. Pluto in Capricorn shows us where we have not been as diligent as we should be.

Mars and Uranus in Taurus in the 6th house

                I’ve spoken a little bit about Mars and Uranus in Taurus already. Overall though this energy is really helping us to feel more comfortable caring for ourselves and each other. In fact, we feel driven to be kind and create supportive spheres that are focused on stress reduction. Sound healing, meditation, cooking, cleaning up your space (spring cleaning might hit a bit early), all of these will lull the bull into taking a nap among the wild flowers. Now, with these squares with Capricorn and Aquarius, this might make us the bull in the china shop. We may feel out of place, out of our depths, and just plain old awkward.

Are you staying to yourself because that fills your cup or are you hiding away because you are unsure of how to be present with others with all of the large scale social and economic changes occurring?

Find a space to connect with your body and feel it out. Focus on the areas that you know are your gifts and start there. The rest will fall into place, Leo energy is pretty good at helping out with that.

Neptune in Pisces

Lastly, we did A LOT of work during that new moon in Capricorn around our family, ancestors, and the idea of “home”. Now, we are exploring how to honor who we are and where we came from in a way that is based on love and connection. Listen to your dreams, create beautiful spaces in your home for ritual and communion. Be mindful of your spending habits and not “fixing” things with food or alcohol. Spirits are powerful and we want to be intentional in the ones we take in and feed. Oh and get some sleep.

Love you lots,

Kamilah Rose


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