New Moon in Aquarius- Get into the Groove

New Moon in Aquarius

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius

                We haven’t seen energy vibing like this since 2018/2019 and that was all in Capricorn so basically we were all focusing on getting stuff done. Which is great and has it’s place, but I am THRILLED to move into some Aquarius energy. We have been inching into this realm for a long time. There have been sneaks and peaks into what we will experience over the next few years so I hope you have been learning how to adjust to this shift from earthy Capricorn to airy Aquarius.

                What does this energy do for us? Aquarius exemplifies the air qualities of being social, cognitive, and focused on communication. Where as Gemini’s are the social butterflies who are active, childlike, and inquisitive, Libra’s place the self into conversation with the other to grow, expand, find peace, and justice. Aquarius take the polarity and tension experienced by Libra and uses this to bring us back to the self through individuation. Aquarius is a sign associated with rebellion, freedom, altruism, community, advancement, and hope.

Steven Forrest, one of my favorite astrologers, wrote in his work on the air signs that

Aquarius works through that tension.

To be free there must be something that restrains. To rebel there must be something to rebel against. Without this tension, Aquarius would not have the means to explore and distinguish who they are in relation to the world around them. (Guess what role Capricorn plays in all this?).

                I love this description. Over the past few years there have been many movements and groups. Revolutions happen every day, week, month. Within these groups there are the usual norms and expectations to determine in-group and out-group dynamics. This is an excellent groundwork to move into Aquarius energy.

Over these next few years we will encounter over and over again opportunities to go within, find our true north and determine if the sentiments are in alignment with us. There will be challenges. There will be folks who you grew up with, friends, family, acquaintances, and co-workers who you may find are pushing you to be, agree, or align with something that just is not who you are. Specifically, we will be asked to examine how we were socialized. Listen, if it doesn’t gel let it go.

                Now, are we rebelling just to rebel? Is being the rebel your main personality trait? Do you just go against whatever grain, crowd, or movement that starts? Time to re-examine what’s going on there, because as stated, Aquarius is about the tension. When you believe that the only group or community you are a part of is yourself, the magic of Aquarius has been lost. The driving force is still there, but it is not being recognized. Thus, the issues that need to be resolved which Aquarius would lend it’s wisdom to are ignored because that’s not “you’re problem”.

                Here’s the thing, no one exists in a vacuum and we are all connected in some fashion. Therefore, we cannot disconnect and blind ourselves to the lived experience of others in order to feel like we are beyond or no longer restrained by external forces. It’s learning to build a relationship between the two. In confirming the boundaries of what represents the individual and what represents the individual in the group. It is a delicate path to walk and thus why Aquarius can be known to be a bit cold and unapproachable. They are attempting to temper their independence with their drive to assist humanity in it’s evolutionary path.

This new moon then, we will be learning and releasing.

Learning how to be complete unto ourselves.

Learning how to be an individual in a community.

We will be releasing the conditioning from our families, society, even from what our belief systems such as astrology says about who or what we are based on when we were born.

From there, we will have the space to fully dive into what our soul (check out where Pluto is in your chart) desires. This may feel like Dorothy when she gets knocked out and wakes up in Oz. Remember, eventually she woke up and needed to take the lessons that she learned and apply them to her life. Take the Aquarius approach to life over the next few years. Take that chance and do what you want. Yes, you may be judged, marginalized, ostracized, and rejected. It is the risk of Aquarius. Yet, if you are acting from your soul, things will work out. Especially when you realize that your community has been waiting for your specific gifts.

Mars and Uranus in Taurus

                Aquarius is shaking everything up and Taurus doesn’t really gel with that energy. It’s too unpredictable and airy. Mars in Taurus gives us a passion for our causes and communities that we care about. Uranus continues to revolutionize how we find peace, what we value, and the importance of community that affirms our individuality. It’s a season of change and while the bull may be stubborn sometimes that is a gift that keeps us safe. Mars in Taurus is great at saying “that’s enough come sit down!” Weigh it out and give yourself that time needed to adjust to the changes that come with the Aquarius energy. Above all else, Taurus will show us who and what in society has influenced us and it will be up to us to choose what to do with that information.

Pluto in Capricorn

                Pluto in Capricorn are siding with that Taurus energy this new moon. Capricorn desires a stable foundation for our world. How do we grow without soil to plant the seeds? Aquarius is sitting there like “ever heard of aeroponics and hydroponics?”. Capricorn is getting there, but it’s still wanting us to have one foot on the ground. Pluto has more to show us about what truly makes our world go round. Partnering with Taurus, our planet and our earthy qualities still serve a purpose. They keep us alive.

Pluto in Capricorn will reveal the blueprint.

Aquarius will give us the strength to rewrite the code.

Neptune in Pisces

                Everything is shifting. Nothing feels stable or known. Yet, there is a space where we find ourselves turning in these times. Our spirituality, our practices, our faith, our rituals. These are the things that help us to express our connection to that which is bigger than ourselves.

No matter your beliefs, we will find that our purpose needs a bit of that magic this new moon. That deep connection that brings us together in joy and grief, will sustain us in achieving our life work this new moon.

Many individuals will need to take some time to heal and nurture themselves. We have been running on fumes trying to keep up with that Capricorn grind energy. If you are in the healing field (whether that’s your job or your calling), there’s going to be a need for your gifts. Share them wisely and remember to take care of yourself as well. Examine your teachers and leaders and make sure they are in alignment with your beliefs and values. There will be a lot of shifts occurring over the next few years.

Stay open, keep growing, keep loving.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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