Full Moon in Libra: Balance is the Way

I put this reading off. I finished this a week after the brutal murder of 6 Asian women in a horrific hate crime across Atlanta, Georgia. I do not use astrology for predictive purposes. I believe that it just a reflection of the energy that is already present. None of this matters though when it comes to lives lost. When individuals play into social and cultural systems built upon white supremacy to hurt, murder, and restrict the lives of others there is no excuse which will absolve their actions. As a Black woman here in the USA, to the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders community, I stand with you. To all groups that are labeled “minority” in the western world, you are not alone.

Xiaojie Tan

Daoyou Feng

Hyun Jung Grant

Suncha Kim

Soon Chung Park

Yong Ae Yue

2 others were killed in this horrible hate crime.

Delaina Ashley Yaun Gonzalez

Paul Andre Michels

Elcias Hernandez-Ortiz was harmed, but is still alive and hospitalized.

Sun, Venus, Chiron in Aries

                                What a glorious time of the year. The birds are singing, the flowers, are blooming and we are emerging from the cold shadows of winter into the warmth of the spring sun. Did you find your self waking up this March? Getting some get up and go energy? Perhaps, you are still feeling lethargic and needing a bit more rest. This full moon is a celebration of the self. A moment to whatever gives you life, in whatever form that takes. The sun shines brightly on us, Venus shifts our attention from highlighting our soul connection to our ego embracing connections.

                Then we have Chiron. The wounded healer rests in Aries continuing to highlight wounds that challenge our sense of self.  

Moon in Libra

A libra moon is charming, diplomatic, and very interested in maintaining emotional harmony. They are not here for rocking the boat. Yet, this full moon we have an opposition to the Sun, Venus, and Chiron all at the same degrees in Aries. This creates a distinct tension between our desire for developing and supporting calm loving relationships with a deep desire for having our uncompromised heart’s desire.

This particular aspect is related to feelings of desire that awaken our fears of rejection, being left out, and loneliness. Libra is the sign of partnerships and Aries is our will to live. Thus, this desire for connection feels especially intense. Exposing our vulnerabilities and the reality of our inability to survive in this world on our own.

Yet, we feel disconnected from the other. Both the external and internal other. We view this desire for partnership as defining and the lack of it can lead to an aggressive response of retaliation or revenge.

There may be an external other that has wronged you, rejected you, brushed you off. This DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR WORTH NOR DOES IT JUSTIFY HARMING OTHERS. Aries pushes us to understand that we desire to live because we have the will to fight for our existence. The other may bring into question our self-worth, but they do not define or make us who we are. When we act based on external projections it may make it seem like it is the others fault for our feelings or experience. That is projection and an indication of our own internal work that we must do.

In the moment, rejection dismissal, abandonment, rudeness, invalidation, silencing can be personal. It can hurt. It’s painful. What do you do with these emotions though? How do you find peace (Libra), when your desired partnership in family, love, friendships, work, or community, does not support the harmony you seek? You develop that peace in yourself. You align yourself with your will and commit to a practice of cultivating an internal harmony.

                                Trine Mars/North Node in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius     

The Moon in Libra is bolstered by Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. If you lean into your shadow, this may lead to lying to get what you want and deceiving others because of your pain. It takes great courage to be vulnerable and face the results of your risking your heart.

On the other hand, Mars in Gemini can lead you towards an area of deep growth and personal development. You feel the darkness and you plant seeds of desire within it. Perhaps what you sought did not come to harvest this season. That’s ok, spring has just begun. The soil is ready to be turned so that new dreams and hopes can grow. Saturn in Aquarius shows us that while community is necessary, we must cultivate and find the community that is the best fit for us. That can take trail and error, but Aries energy keeps pushing. The Moon shows us what is true and what is not. From that space of truth, we can move forward.

                Mercury and Neptune in Pisces

Just quickly, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces are still creating a dream like energy around us. It’s all still a bit surreal. Practice, ritual and community will help to keep you connected and grounded. Also, speak clearly and know some folks just won’t get it. It’s ok. Speak so you express yourself, not for others.

                Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn

Come through Earth signs. I think we may need you more then ever. Folks are feeling fired up and that fire may need a container. Uranus in Taurus is plodding along shifting our values (did you see the list of the latest careers that the youth want?). Pluto in Capricorn is still unearthing the areas that need to the most work in our society. Together, they are continuing to reveal the what is and is not working. Are we brave enough to take the first step towards change or will we stubbornly hold on to what was until we are forced to shift to survive?

With love always,

Kamilah Rose


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