Full Moon in Scorpio: Drowning in Truth

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com

Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mercury in Taurus

Taurus energy in the house! We are firmly in the realm of our Venusian Earth sign, bringing us firmly back into our bodies and the physical world. Taurus is fixed Earth. It takes the fires of creation from Aries and places it in the hearth. Giving it a space where it can be nurtured and cared for or where if that energy is not needed the fire can be allowed to go out.

Moon in Scorpio

                Be gentle with yourself with yourself and others full moon. We have prominent planets in each of the water signs. We will all be a bit sensitive. Look for your relationships to get deeper, tighter, sweeter, higher, flyer (shout out to Jill Scott). We are looking at how our community or environment impacts our emotional state this full moon. Anytime we are working with Scorpio, we are diving deep within our psyche. Into the cemetery of experiences, memories, and desires that we may have accumulated over our lives.

                With the opposition to the many planets in Taurus we find ourselves looking at the ancestral wealth that we have inherited in our present lives. Wealth in this sense means anything that we currently have. That could mean our ideas, our physical form, our preferences, our desires, our monetary items. We have a wealth of things that we have inherited in our lives from our immediate family, friends, local community, and society in general. These things influence every aspect of our lives. As Scorpio pulls us under, drowning us in the truth of who we REALLY are at that current moment, Taurus pulls us into our bodies where we cannot escape this truth because we FEEL it. Whereas we may try to avoid these uncomfortable truths, Taurus with great patience and a little bit of stubbornness, holds our hand- not allowing us to disassociate, run away, move around until the feelings of unease can be ignored.

                For some they will find that they LOVE what lies within the fertile soil of their soul. Others may find that there is a reason that they have run away from this truth for so long. If so, take a note from Scorpio. Close your eyes, hold your nose, and jump in. Scorpio is ruled by my fave Mars. Mars is a planet that calls us to be brave. To run towards the thing that scares us. To keep fighting even when the battle seems impossible. To dive into these depths takes great courage. It is not for the weak of heart. This is why Mars and Venus come together again in Scorpio and Taurus.

                Mars hands the reigns over to Venus moving from Aries to Taurus. Venus understands that after so much exertion we need to recharge. We have just incarnated or been reborn into this new season, everything is new and can feel a little scary. Venus takes our hand, leads us to a comfortable space filled with nourishing sensual (engaging the senses) opportunities. Venus makes us feel at home in this new space. When we run from this call to ground, we run ourselves into the ground. We are on the route to burnout (come on firey Mars). We need this earthiness. This calm, peaceful moment. It lays the foundation for our next sign, Gemini – the storyteller. For what better space to begin to share information and get creative then in a peaceful moment of joy and beauty?

                Spend some time with water this full moon. That can be taking an intentional bath/shower, committing to drinking your 8 glasses of water, visiting a body of water, meditating using water sounds, or just giving thanks for this element that makes up the majority of our bodies and planet. This will help to soothe the frantic energy of Mars ruled Aries that still wants to get up and run and Venus ruled Libra’s commitment to justice through balance (often by the cutting out the part that are no longer needed by the sword). This season engages these same planetary energies from the earth and water perspectives. Finding peace through the physical and change through emotional truth/growth.

Mars in Cancer

                How do you express you care about the important people in your life? Do you fiercely protect them? Do you form a shell around them and yourself to keep the dangers away? Or perhaps you’ve just created this shell just for yourself and placed it around your heart. Mars in Cancer highlights the we ways we protect what matters most to us. This is heavily impacted by our attachment styles and our defense mechanisms. This may be a good time to look at how you react to threats (fight, flight, fawn, freeze). There will many instances that we find over the next few months where our feelings may get hurt. Remember, that everyone has a different love language. We all give and receive love differently. Mars in Cancer will call upon us to brave enough to reparent ourselves to create healthier responses and environments for ourselves and each other.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

                The Expander and The Revealer are still hanging out in Aquarius. Saturn though is squaring all of our lovely planets in Taurus dragging us a bit though the mud. Saturn in Aquarius continues to show us where the cracks in our system exist. The many in planets in Taurus are calling us back to our bodies. The dis-ease that you feel within your form can make us what to disconnect. To find ways where we do not have to sit with the feelings. Aries was so active, so ready to move, make plans, change, be reborn- that it was like we didn’t have time to sit.

Neptune in Pisces

                Does your home feel like a sanctuary? The place where you go feel safe, recharge, and spend time with the ones that you care for the most? If so, this full moon treat your home or living space as a place where you can face your depths of your soul. The pieces that are drifting up from the depths of Scorpio, pulled from the mud by Mars in Cancer, to be faced with grace and love through the Divine eyes of Neptune in Pisces. There is much that can be done this full moon, if you willing to look what comes up in the eye. Don’t look away- face it head on.

What if home is not a safe place though? If not, it may be time to ask yourself why? No home will ever be perfect all of the time, but when home is the last place you want to be, it’s time to look at what are the options that you can take to improve this situation.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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