Full Moon in Capricorn: The Power of Polarity

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Sun and Venus in Cancer

Cancer season is upon us! The energies of water will be very active and very strong at this time. Water, like all elements can be harnessed for healing, support, and release. The way this happens though is unique as it occurs through a watery lens. When we look at Cancerian energy, we are looking at cardinal water. This is the starting point of a new journey, a new beginning, a new season. Summer brings the brightest, hottest, wettest, intense moments of transformation. The crab is taking a chance to come out of it’s shell and explore what the world has in store for it. When the sun and Venus connect in Cancer, we experience a heightening of our emotion and desires for heart driven unity. We seek emotional safety and security that can often result in the desire to ensure physical safety as well.

Moon and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

We have an interesting play of polarities this full moon between the energies of Cancer and Capricorn. The sun and moon oppose each other. Venus and Pluto oppose each other. Each of these are pulling energy out from the other. Creating a space of massive transformation. Whether this will work in our favor depends on our personal astrology and whether we are willing to surrender to the energies of

Mercury and True Node in Gemini

Let us take our time with our words and our interests. We’re still feeling pulled in every direction. Wanting to explore and fill our curiosity. Yes, there will still be issues with communication. Take your time. Make sure you over communicate. Send another message, check in to see that the message was received, ask them to repeat back to you what they think the information or message meant.

Above all else, have fun! Gemini is a light and free energy. Step into that space. Embrace it.

Mars in Leo  

It’s summer time so I am exploring the myths and energy of Isis and Inanna. I found this creature as I was doing my research. The Musmahhu is a mythological hybrid of serpent, lion, and bird. A link between the signs and the elements. When we look at the energy of Leo and Mars, of light and life, it encourages the pursuit of our passions. To have courage and chase the things that we desire the most. August 8th is coming. The Lion’s Gate will open and we will have another opportunity in the 8th gate to create beyond the limitations that our fear often place upon on us. This full moon, begin to gather the resources that you will need to conduct this journey. Have the courage to face yourself and

Jupiter (Ret/5th) and Neptune (6th) in Pisces

Feel the encouragement of the path of dreams. Our subconscious desires have been revving up. Pushing into our consciousness as we sleep, through slips of the tongue, in our intuition as we are attracted or repelled by different things in the world around us. When we expand, we can need more space, so our focus may begin to narrow to give us the mental and emotional bandwidth to engage with this newness.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

Where do we need to refine our community? Where do we need to review what we have to contribute to the world around us? Saturn is placing us into review mode, just in time for the end of the second quarter. Take stock of where you are and where you want to be. Then make a plan to get there and leverage your community.

Uranus in Taurus

We are continuing to evaluate our relationship to what it means for something to have worth. There will be a lot that comes up this full moon around family. We will look at how our family (by birth, found, friendship, community) shapes our understanding of what has worth. Is it family, things, status, our own sense of self? Perhaps it is being useful, having a purpose, being loved, making money, achieving goals. There are intrinsic and extrinsic values that we assign a feeling or understanding of worth to. Our families form the foundation, but you make the final decision. This full moon, as the gifts of our ancestors and family find their way into your consciousness, make your own choice on how you would like to interact with this information. You can keep it and nurture it. Allowing it to grow or you can take it to seed and let it go.

Be mindful of your relationship to death, rebirth, change, transformation, and sex. These may be areas that are particularly sensitive to this energy.


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