New Moon in Cancer : Change is the Only Constant

Sun and Moon in Cancer (6th)

All the feels all the time. That’s pretty much it. Think emotional security. How do you keep yourself and those that you care about safe?

Cancer season and energy always brings me to that creation energy present in the primordial waters. The majority of our world is made up of water and our relationship to this element provides a window into our relationship with the self.

Shadow work has always been an important aspect of healing and living a full life. When we find ourselves living in a world where water is becoming a scarce source which is in immediate danger of continued abuse through pollution, exploitation, and commodification – what, if anything does this say about our current state?

At the time of writing this, an undersea pipeline owned by Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) developed a gas leak resulting in a swirling mass of flames in the Gulf of Mexico.

We have created an existence in this world that is as beautiful as it is violent. We often have a relationship with the self that reflects this. We run gas pipelines along and under the ocean floor to deliver the gas and oil that society uses to function. Yet, this comes with a price that is often ignored until something goes wrong. Similarly, we create coping mechanisms to function in our daily lives. These run in the background through our subconscious often ignored unless there is a negative consequence or outcome that is experienced.

Yet, when something does go wrong the outcome can be tremendous – a swirling mass of flames within the waters of the ocean, the most abundant molecule on Earth, that must be immediately addressed.

Shadow work allows for us to identify, clarify, and integrate these internal mechanisms which subconsciously impact our conscious experiences. Shadows are often developed due to the morals that are highlight in our society, community, family, and the self. As these morals shift and change over time, the shadows that develop change as well.

Here are some questions to ask yourself for this new moon:

  • What coping mechanisms have you developed to protect your emotional security for yourself and those you care about?
  • How has this impacted your daily life?
  • In what way is related to a personal or societal myth?
  • What is the moral tied to that myth?

Mercury in Gemini (5th)

Please have fun this new moon. There is so much support for conversations and growth. Creativity and curiosity. If you are feeling stuck or confined, let yourself explore. Find something that draws your attention and dive into it.

Venus and Mars in Leo in 7th house

Passion, desire, purpose, life-force.

Embodiment, love, justice, balance.

This new moon two great energies move into conjunction. This means that Mars and Venus will be at the same degree within the sign of Leo. This amplifies both of their energies. How this works will depend on your personal relationship with each of these planets and the sign of Leo. In general, this will be a month of great connections. The Green Man and the Morning/Evening Star have danced around each other for months. Coming closer and closer, but like Nuit and Geb, never fully being together – until now.

We may find ourselves having a great moment of justice fueled by our desire to be free and defend our livelihood.

Jupiter and Neptune in 1/2nd house in Pisces

Jupiter and Pisces are in their home sign. Jupiter used to be the planet associated with Pisces until Neptune came along. This indicates that we are experiencing a unique opportunity to tap into our subconscious and our connection with the energy of creation. Pisces encompasses the entirety of the zodiac journey. It is the culmination of the path from start to finish. Jupiter as the expander, shows us that even as we believe that we have experienced all there is in life, there will always be more. More to learn, more to know, more to experience. Neptune is the mystery of this unknown. The window through which we can see what was once beyond us. Many individuals are going through a time of examining their role in society and in the world. Neptune and Jupiter combined give us a glimpse into the truth that we are all connected even though our journey’s may be very different.

Will you be brave enough to take the leap of faith into the unknown (harnessing the energy of Leo)? This is not a simple question, and it does not require an answer now – all that is required is to acknowledge the question.

Saturn in Aquarius

Still evaluating macro and micro issues related to community, how we utilize technology to assist in elevating our ability to take better care of ourselves, and the drudgery of closing outdated systems.

Uranus in Taurus

                You have seen the shift in our values. Focus moving towards environmentally friendly, “natural”, health conscious, quality over quantity, access to various financial institutions are all indicators of this shift. Taking time to review the aspects of Taurus – anything that arouses our senses would fall into this category of experiencing a significant change.

Pluto in Capricorn

                The unknown aspects of what Capricorn can be are revealing themselves. The stereotype of being the sacrificial lamb are being shed for the transformative polarity of the goat-fish. Climbing the highest peaks while exploring the lowest depths. Capricorn traverses the land and the sea aided by their companion Cancer. Where Cancer provides the point of safety and care, Capricorn carries the load – gladly. We see when we allow for individuals to contribute to society in a way that adds value to their lives and those around them, “work” has a totally different meaning. Without a doubt, we cannot separate the emotional from the physical any longer. Emotions have always driven Capricorn, it was just the expression of them through productivity and purpose based on societal expectations that continued to support the unfeeling/uncaring stereotype. As a Saturnian society, we are being reborn through Pluto to no longer divorce our emotions from our actions. We are stepping into the full energy of Capricorn. Body and Soul.


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