Full Moon in Capricorn: The Power of Polarity

Sun and Venus in Cancer Cancer season is upon us! The energies of water will be very active and very strong at this time. Water, like all elements can be harnessed for healing, support, and release. The way this happens though is unique as it occurs through a watery lens. When we look at CancerianContinue reading “Full Moon in Capricorn: The Power of Polarity”

New Moon in Gemini: System Reset

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus – reverse in Gemini A new moon in Gemini is this Friday. The sign of the twins, the lovers, the investigator, and the storyteller. A sign associated with the planet Mercury-an energy aligned with the trickster and the fool. Gemini often agitates others. It is an energy that is so perceptiveContinue reading “New Moon in Gemini: System Reset”

April Retrogrades: Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter

Greetings beloveds, I hope you all have been taking time for yourselves and focusing on your well being. It’s April already! Although it hasn’t really felt like it yet, spring is here bringing us fully into the season of resurrection and rebirth. Here’s your April Astrological forecast to help you through the labor process. FirstContinue reading “April Retrogrades: Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter”