The Importance of Remaining True to Yourself

Blessings beloveds,

Warning!! This post may get a bit real.

Alright now that that’s out the way, let’s talk about ways of relating. Specifically open relationships, polyamory, polygamy, polyandry, and monogamy. There’s a bit of a buzz going around about how we relate to one another and what that should look like. My opinion is honestly do what works for you and accept nothing less. Let’s break that down.

What works for you? Self awareness and exploration is so important. That takes time. Time where we sit with ourselves in whatever form of being brings us to that space where we feel that tingle near around our head and in our hearts. Self knowledge also takes dedication. Dedication to finding what fuels us as well as what drains us. Dedication to making a plan to focus on what fuels us. Dedication to putting that into practice and MAINTAINING that practice. When we know what works for us it allows us to begin to cultivate that relationship to ourselves where we can say what will align with our desires. This also allows us to speak on where we our to others. Communication will always be key. So if we are exploring, share that information. It can be difficult if you are not used to doing that, but then communication is an area that you can cultivate a practice for that honors your being.

When you go through this process of self development, it gives you the information that you can use as your foundation of how you want to relate to others. When you find who you are then you practice what fuels you, it is counterproductive to accept anything less. In fact, anything in opposition to what fuels you is most likely on it’s way to the landfill of the forgotten. When you get pings of behaviors or structures that you know do not serve you then you can begin to stand on that foundation and practice your divine no.

I for instance, have a firm understanding that I will always be fueled more by a divine partnership with a single being who’s energy I interact with in that space then with multiples. I have never worked well with larger groups even triads. I am super sensitive to energy. Which means I have to be selective. Even more so to make sure that who I choose to interact with energetically is just as selective. Now let me tell you, that took some time to learn! Even when I knew, it took time to develop the practice of energy selection. I’m still and will always be dedicating myself that development and maintenance of this practice.

I speak from experience. I come to share to say that it’s ok to not be there yet. To try different forms of loving and see what works for you. Learn the ways to communicate that work best for you and share where you are. There’s no shame in being who you are no matter where you are. There’s also no shame in changing your mind. I’ll say that one again, there is no shame in changing your mind! We change, we evolve, hopefully always improving. What may have worked may no longer work. You might have had only one partner for the last 10 years and after going through the process of self exploration find that that no longer serves you. Now, I will not tell you how these situations should be morally handled. I trust that your internal compass will direct you to the right path. Trust your higher self.



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