The Importance of Self Care- When You’ve Just Had Enough

Blessings beloveds,

Sometimes you’re just tired. It’s been a long day where you woke up early. Had many duties and activities to attend to throughout the day. Then come home to more boxes that need checking off of your to-do list before jumping into your bed to count sheep. This is a valid experience. It happens way too often to way too many of us. That’s why self care is vital.

I know I know, not another blog spouting the importance of taking time for myself, meditation, or keeping a journal. Nope that’s not what this is honestly. Because guess what, sometimes even self care can turn into a chore. Yupp when you find yourself scheduling in that that massage in the small hour you have between picking up the kids or writing that book chapter, is it still bringing you joy or refilling your cup? When it becomes another point on your list to check it’s no longer falling into the “recharge” category. The importance of self care is that you are finding a moment to breath, however that looks for you.

So today, as I rest on the couch letting the antics of Louise Belcher of Bob’s Burger’s amuse me while I casually work on my business. I take that as self care. I won’t make it to my 2 mile run. Cause that’s SUPPOSED to be my quiet moment. Instead, I’ll do what will fuel my soul in this moment not what will just complete my list of daily tasks.

What’s your moment? Do you find that your self care tools sometimes become tasks?



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