The Importance of Friendship

Greetings loves,

Today I would like to celebrate friendship. Regardless of what age you are, I am sure that you understand the importance of friendship, comaraderie, and companionship. If not I implore you to research, read and create/begin to actively nurture the friendships that you have.

Love can be simple, complicated, enraging, gentle, surprising, enduring. It can be all the things that we desire and all the things we dread. Love speaks to us not only in our romantic or family relationships but through our friendships as well. Our ability to be able to explore love in this manner can fulfill a portion of our being that often cries out for acknowledgement.

The friend who you do not have to speak or see the other, but you already know what they are thinking. Where you are your most authentic self lounging on the couch, no pants or perhaps no undergarments, with your favorite snack food, watching Netflix, listening to records, laughing, crying, sleeping. Living. This is a special moment where you can find yourself. Your true self. The one’s where full integration is possible beyond the darkness and the light.

Time and again a friendship may see you through the storms and the rainbows. I pray that you are all experiencing that divine love at this very moment.

If not take a moment to befriend yourself. Take yourself to the places that you would like to go. Give yourself the laughs that you would like to have. Give yourself the love that you desire. Let that take you to places with those with interests close to your own. There bonds can be made and friendships no matter how shallow can be built. Just remember you are never truly alone.



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