That Test Tho’: Learning to Flow with the Seasons

Greetings loves,

So I’m at the house today. Looking around feeling a bit disheveled. Today was the last day of yoga teacher training and now I’m feeling just a bit strange. It is so strange to be done. I want to go back! It was such a great experience. I was able to move away from focusing on my standard job and the general issues that I have to having a new obtainable goal. It was satisfying to complete the goal and have a good time while doing it.

The test that we had freaked me out a bit today. I wasn’t sure if I was prepared, if I knew all the information that I was supposed to know. I went in and was just ready to give it my all. I held the joy that I had in successfully completing my first class hoping that that would give me the faith that this was something that I could do well at.

Well I did. This has really been a year of growth for me. I have completed so many things and made some great strides. Now it’s time to really start reaping the fruits of my labor.

The way that I have planned out this year has really reinforced that following the seasons and the natural flow of energy really is the most beneficial way for me to live. What does this mean?

Winter: Planning, introspection, organization, setting goals

Spring: Planting the seeds needed to put those plans/goals into action

Summer: Now is the time to Act! Your plans/goals should be in full swing roll                            with them.

Fall: Harvest time. Your plans/goals should be in place where you are able to see                     their manifestation. This is also the time to access what IS working and prepare                       to put your energy towards what needs to be improved/reworked during the                               winter.

I think it’s time for me to make a bit of a series about moving with the seasons and using them to help set goals and intentions.

Do you plan when to take assessment of your life, goals, and intentions or do you just let that time come along when it does?






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