Hello Old Friend

Greetings beloveds,

It’s been a little while and I’ve been going back and forth with what to write over the past few weeks. As I prepare to travel to France though for a Mary Magdalene retreat I find that I am more and more in a reflective state.

I have had a weekend full of bliss and planning with some clear messages that have been received.

First how did you all fair with the 9/9/9 energy that occurred on Friday? This is was a time of ultimate endings. Of release of relationships, behaviors, paradigms, and energy that is not moving us forward. I know for myself, this summer has been a bit of a slow paced season which is really unusual as summer is all about movement. Although I wasn’t nearly as physically active as I usually am spiritually and emotionally there was a tremendous amount of healing and growth taking place. Regardless of what type of movement you have been experiencing as the seasons change so does our flow of energy. So as the temps fall let yourself begin to slow down.

I’m taking this advice fully on as I ready to make a pretty big trip. I usually am very active during trips writing, reading, visiting different locations but I am setting the intention to be present and rest during this trip. It will probably help that I don’t speak the language very well so I probably will not want to wander around as much lol. I’m excited to spend some time in a new space.

I will also be there during the full moon and fall equinox. This is substantial for me as I feel that there is a lot of work and power I will be able to access on this trip. Hopefully this will transmute to some great writing and informaiton to share with you all.

How are you preparing for fall and the full moon?



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