Building Trust in the 9th Hour

Greetings loves,

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How have things been going for you lately? If you’re here in the United States then the energy is electric with the election coming up. This is a year of endings being a 9 year (2016: 2+0+1+6=9) so many institutions, ways of being, and beliefs are coming to an end. The characteristics of 9 include coming full circle, reaching the end of a journey, and releasing. 9 is also associated with a humanitarian spirit, spirituality, knowledge seeker, helper, idealist. The 9th Tarot card is The Hermit, symbolizes wisdom obtained from life times of experience and self exploration. All of these energies have been active at this time including planting seeds for the new beginnings which will arise within 2017 as we enter into a one year. So what projects have you been working on that you can complete or move to a new phase with? What beliefs are you retiring to gain new insights and perspectives?

How do we move forward though when there’s so much wanting to drag our attention into areas away from our purpose and being? In doing the work, trust and in turn faith, appears to be the focus of this 9th hour. Externally the world may not seem very safe and for many it is not. What does your relationship to your higher power and yourself look like though? Do you trust and have faith that all is well? If not, how do you build this trust? To know that the decisions that you make are the best decisions for yourself? To know that the Divine is guiding you to the place where you need to be in order to live your purpose?

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Trust comes with experience. When we build trust with others it happens through interactions and time. We can apply this same practice to building trust with ourselves. Show up for yourself in that same way in which you expect others who you trust to show up for you. Be reliable, have integrity which in this circumstance means being honest with yourself about your wants, needs, and what you can provide for yourself at this time. If you make a commitment to yourself carry through on that promise. It is difficult to have trust reflected back to you when you are not holding that energy. Do what works for you. There are no magic formulas ( that I will share with you all here at least) that automatically create a system that works for everyone. So if you need to start small with just having a quiet meal with yourself once a week set the date and follow through. Or perhaps you like big gestures and do not feel anxiety about following through with those intentions then set  a big intention! The more we know ourselves and honor our being the easier it will be to act in ways which will build trust and strengthen our faith in ourselves.

I’ll cover building trust and faith with your higher power later this week.

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