Reflections: Finding Your Place

438187_( (1600×960)Greetings beloveds,

How are things? Have you been clearing out your space and your being? Or perhaps you are nesting in this time of rest and hibernation? Whatever is working for you, it is my wish that you revel in it regardless of what else may be going on in your sphere.

I have been healing. It is a part of my life work. Having received an amazing Akashic Reading as a referral from a trusted soul friend, I found that there was of course more self work to be completed. Chantal, who delivered my reading for me shared information with me on where my soul originated, my gifts, challenges, and areas/ties which needed to be cleared and released. One of the fun things that I learned was the connection to the Earth that I have that can be utilized through communication and use of crystals. I have always loved crystals but never experienced receiving any messages from them as I’ve heard some people say. I’m open though to seeing if I am able to connect to stones energetically. I view it as a fun experiment. That way there’s no real pressure. I am also going to be working on my psychic abilities so telepathy and telekinesis are on the menu for exploration.

I thought that was enough to have to work on. Turns out that’s not the half of it. In my full moon circle I attend, which I adore, we did a mediation centered around the element of water. During which I spent time as a mermaid until I climbed out of an underground water tavern to meet the Dark Goddess. I was not surprised as generally that is who I convene with. I was also expecting to see her again as during my meditation at a retreat in which there was an underworld meditation during which I received information about more work that needed to be done. The message I received while in the women’s circle so kindly let me know that it’s time for me to return to the underworld and release my last relationship. Seems that the work I had started in cutting ties jump started a deeper release.

So I find myself again venturing into the below. Doing the work. Moving forward. I was resistant because I wanted to be done with that for a bit. I wanted to sit up here with everyone else doing the Earthly work. It as going to be light and fun. I didn’t want to have to delve into why I my ex still crept into my thoughts. I just wanted it to be over and move on. But acceptance is important. And the truth is there are quite a few things about myself that I take for granted as being normal when they are far from it. It’s taken me 29 years to realize this but better now than never.

So I return to the underworld. To learn, explore, release and complete the work that needs to be done.



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