12 Universal Laws: Energetic Promises from Source to You

12-universal-lawsGreetings beloveds,

I hope you all are having a magical January. Mercury retrograde is over and we are in a unique celestial moment when all the planets will be direct until around February 6th. This is a fantastic time to start to finalize travel, work, home, and personal plans for the upcoming year and time to come. As such, I have been doing my personal work and exploring different ways to bring my gifts to the world. One of these gifts is in understanding the ways in which our universe (and others) operates. It is one of the many reasons I have such a difficult time in this plane as the human world makes little sense to me as it hinders the ease upon which we should be able to live our lives. But that has been the lesson of this world; to bring ourselves back into alignment with source.

My gift to you for the next year will be to share my understanding of the 12 Universal Laws (UL’s), how they apply to our energetic self, and what we can do to flow more at ease with this energy. Each month will have a post that is dedicated to an individual law so that each is able to be explored in depth. Do not let the term “Law” deter you. This is more of an energetic promise then a stiff rule that when broken has harsh punishments. I will not sugar coat things though, as these promises can seem to be far out of alignment with the current fear based narrative being held by many on Earth today. So the use and recognition of these Promises may seem difficult on this plane but we must enact our trust and faith in the Divine to see us through. Plus you can just treat this as an experiment and see what comes forth. Being gentle with yourself and not taking things so seriously will not only make this a less daunting experience but assist you in alleviating stress in other areas of your life as well. The less stressed you are the easier it is to flow with the UL’s.

Like any other bit of change incorporating these promises into our everyday life will take time. Luckily there’s plenty of it! So I hope you will join me in integrating and altering our reality this year and forever more.

With love,

  • Rose

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