Clearing out Your Space

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you are all well. It’s been a busy week around these parts what with clearing things out and being in the underworld. This January as we’ve covered clearing our energy in order to create space for manifesting our desires, this week we will focus on clearing out our physical space through decluttering.

Minimalism has been on the brain for me as I move into the new year wanting to create more space in order to provide room to be more creative not only artistically but magically. Yet realistically I have too deep of a love affair with books, teacups, and comfort items to be much of a minimalist but what I can easily do is make a habit of reviewing the items I do have in order to make sure that I am not holding on to old energy. Here’s my quick go to declutter guide.

  1. Let the seasons be your guide: If you are needing an easy way to remember when to take account of the physical objects that you have in order to keep your space active and moving using the seasons always works. As noted in several posts on working with the seasons, each season brings about a certain drive with it. Summer is very active, Fall is gathering and nesting, Winter encourages creation and planning, with Spring lastly bringing the drive to cleanse and awaken. Thus when the seasons change use that as a signal to remove from your space anything that causes you to have resistance to the energy of that time. Remember to always do what feels best for you.
  2. Make a Plan: If you’re one of those people who gets overwhelmed then it may help to make a plan. Perhaps choose to go through your things in one room per week or one room per day. Splitting the task into parts makes the completion of the task easier to see as feasible than having a whole house of things yelling at you.
  3. Just Start: On the other hand if you are prone to procrastination or if the objects yelling appear to be just too much. Take a deep breath, look to your right and start right where you are. Intention is everything and taking the first step can make all the difference in shifting the energy in order to get things flowing.
  4. Divide and Conquer: Create a system which will help you organize your belongings. I generally use the keep, donate, and trash categories. For instance, when I go through my closets I keep those I will still wear and in good condition. I donate the clothes that no longer fit and are in good condition. I throw out the clothes that are either stained, have holes or are just not something I’m sure anyone would want to wear because it is damaged in some way.
  5. Take Your Time: There is no rush to get this done unless you’re really feeling the call to create some space in your home. This is a perfect time to honor yourself. Give yourself the ultimate form of cleansing by releasing the restrictions that you place upon yourself.
  6. Give Yourself Time to Feel the Space: The void is the place of creation. It is where we go from thought to being. Space gives us room to grow and heal but it can also be VERY uncomfortable if there are feelings, memories, or issues that you have been distracted from by all the things around you constantly grabbing your attention. Be prepared to address areas that you thought you had dealt with or just been avoiding. As you clear your space and body your emotional/psychological wells will be ready to be cleansed as well. So have a friend, therapist, or at least a journal with some tissues in case things come up that you weren’t expecting.

I hope this quick list helps you to get started clearing out your space.  I love you all and wish nothing more than for you to be able to be happy, manifest your dreams, and know always that you are loved. To a year of joy and peace.



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