Embracing the Spirit

holy-spirit-discerning-hearts.png (370×486)Greetings beloveds,

As I thought of how to frame moving out of winter into spring through embracing ourselves where we are in order to take us where we want to be, it became apparent that one would need to embrace Spirit/Universe/Goddess/God to do so. How this will look and what embracing Spirit means will be different for everyone. The point is to do it. To really get in touch with that which you find to give you strength. It’s not always fun but it will be for the best.

It is this connection with Spirit that see’s us through the hard times. Partner that with psychological, mental, physical, and emotional support systems which will allow for one to be able to engage in both this world around us that we are aware of and that we are unaware of. On this day when we are recognizing the importance of women in the world let us also remember the vital role that women and those who identify as women or are affected by the identity of women (so everyone) hold in the spiritual realm. Spirit is not concerned with gender or sexuality. It is only concerned with energy and the laws of the universe. I know what they will say, but there’s the law of gender. Yes there is but let us not be so limited in our scope of what Spirit can encompass. The law of gender is about matter and spirit. It is about the thought that leads to creation.  Here though let us take things a bit further outside of the 3rd dimensional duality of feminine/masculine to see the variation that exists outside of this realm. There is a full range of expressions that come between matter and spirit. Find that space. That is where the magic exists. The same goes for how we relate to our understanding of ourselves. It is the in-between that holds the magic of who and what we can be. Find that space and get to know yourself from outside of the limited realm of feminine/masculine.

When we take that time to see who we are in our entirety we are able to transcend not only the limits we place upon ourselves but also those that are placed upon us. It can be difficult to move beyond what has been the status quo for so long. There will often be a lot of resistance to change because it’s uncomfortable and different to what is known. It makes us question ourselves and those we care for. Change is growth. It cannot be denied. So will you answer the call? Take the challenge and move past the beliefs that limit you.

With love,



One thought on “Embracing the Spirit

  1. Very well written, my friend and colleague. Truth is always much more interesting than fiction. What you ask us each to do is not an easy task, but nothing worth achieving is ever easy. Growth will sometimes be a painful experience, but once the growth occurs, and one reflects back on where he or she was, the “new skin” is often more cherished than that which was left behind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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