The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-The High Priestess

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

II The High Priestess 

The High Priestess rests in a state of knowing. As the next step of the Fools’ journey, the High Priestess represents the move from the conscious to the subconscious as demonstrated by the use of the moon or water in her visual depictions.  She is the knowing that comes without action or intention because she is innately connected to all around her. It is the information that comes to us from our senses and from the energy around us that we pick up on without having to do anything gain that knowledge.

The High Priestess is associated with Isis as the feminine version of the Magician. She takes the use of the elements, or the characteristics of this plane, and uses them to create the world that she desires through receptivity as opposed to action. When the High Priestess shows up in your reading as Isis, she is letting you know that right now is not a time to act impulsively. You must slow down, take in the all the information that is available around you but especially observe others to see them in their entirety. Take time apart from others and the situation to listen to your intuition and then combine that with a well thought out plan. Don’t overthink it.

Isis is the mother of all. The Master Sorceress who has complete knowledge of all wisdom. She is also outside of time. She knows the purpose behind all that happens before it happens and she uses this knowledge to expertly navigate her world. This is symbolized by the partially opened scroll or book that the High Priestess holds as a representation of The Law, divine mysteries, or in some depictions The Torah. As the scroll is partially hidden, the High Priestess can also be associated with secrets, hidden aspects, and deception. Like the moon in her symbolism, not all is clear upon first sight. One must look closely at what they are experiencing to know what is going on. The High Priestess calls for us to either look deep within ourselves or others to see the truth. One should also be cautious of what they say and share with others as it may be misconstrued because of the nature of the number 2.

Another view of the High Priestess is as a symbol of duality. She is the balance between the masculine and the feminine, light and shadow, conscious and unconscious as represented by the two pillars and the checkered tile beneath her feet, and the yin yang symbol that are present in some of her depictions. She balances the masculine of the Magician and his roles as the startup for the energy needed to be our journey. Due to her knowledge and awareness, the High Priestess can make wise decisions as she can see all the options and their consequences. The High Priestess takes a scientific method approach to understanding what she has observed from others before synthesizing it into a framework or personal response to others. As the keeper of this knowledge, the High Priestess invites us to access this wisdom that is available to us all. We have only but to devote ourselves to the path.


The High Priestess when reversed is acting rashly without taking time to connect with her intuition. You may be making decisions without thinking them out clearly which is leading you down a path that is not in the direction that you desire. You may also be unintentionally being deceptive because you are not acting in accordance with your internal compass. Or you may be surrounded by others who acting in this way. You may also be overly concerned with others when you should be focusing more so on yourself. When this card shows up in reverse slow down, turn inwards, and reflect. Again, take notice of what stands out to you most in the images on the card. These symbols may give you insight into what is blocking your connection to your intuition and knowledge.

Numerology and Astrology

The High Priestess is the number 2 card. She represents cooperation, partnership, and symmetry. 2 is the addition of one individual plus another individual representing the ability for the one to observe the other outside of themselves. The 2 energy is not as assertive, individualistic, or prone to being egotistical as the number one energy. 2 energy is more intuitive and introverted as it is the subconscious in relation to the conscious actions of number 1. Due to this they can see beneath the surface of people, behaviors, and occurrences and discover the deeper meaning of what is happening. Their connection to the subconscious along with their introversion can cause for them to keep things close to their chest which can be interpreted as them being secretive. This energy also means that others may be being secretive as well so it is best to be observant until all is revealed about the situation. The number 2 energy also means they are also able to see both sides of situations meaning they can be indecisive. Those who carry a number 2 energy often have a gestational period that they must go through which can assist them in making a choice when they are presented with so many options.

As the feminine aspect, I’m sure this will be no surprise but the number 2 and the High Priestess card are associated with the moon. The moon is similarly associated with the subconscious, intuition, and deception. The deceptive portion comes from our inability to see things clearly in the dark. The moon may be able to shine some light on the situation but what is seen may be distorted. One must face the situation head on and look closely at what is before them to truly see what is happening. That is why the connection to one’s intuition is so important so that you can discern between what is coming from another and what is coming from yourself. This process is quite analytical in nature which is what ties the number 2 to the astrological sign Virgo. The High Priestess must gather all the information and then move forward which is the way of the Virgo. As we know, Virgo’s do not do anything that is not well thought out.

The High Priestess is the first feminine card of the major arcana. She is the first step to moving deeper into our selves before we move further out into the world. The Fools’ journey has seen him grow from being completed centered on himself to being aware that there are others that exist outside of himself. Now he must get to know himself in relation to others and learn how to guide himself using his internal compass.


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