The Divination Toolkit-Tarot Series: The Magician

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

I The Magician

A trickster, a sorcerer, or channel? A lone masculine figure stands behind a table.  The winding everlasting figure 8 above his head signaling infinity God, the divine, and spirit. A snake encircles his waist creating a loop of sacred divine knowledge. His right hand is raised towards the heavens drawing down universal energy from one plane to physical manifestation within our world as shown by his lowered left hand towards the Earth. Fulfilling the axiom of as above so below. On the table before him, we see symbols representing the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water. Physical representations displaying the transformation of energy from spirit to matter. The shift that comes from transmutation.

The Magician represents will and the power of the mind. Our will directs our mind to create upon this plane and the next. The will acts as a drive to bring us to spaces of growth, expansion, and power. It is the fire within us that calls us to want more, to do more, to be more. It looks at the world around us and see what is but more importantly know what can be. Our mind, while powerful, without a will to direct it may never achieve any of its creations. All the ingenuity in the world does little when not brought from the cognitive realm to the physical. It is difference between the theoretical and the practical. Thus, how we direct our will determines the effect of what we bring forth. The question then becomes what are you creating? Are you bringing about helpful or harmful results? Creation or destruction?

The Magician is the communion of man and God. He is the representation of those who have undergone the journey of initiation into the secret mysteries and mastered them through practice, study, and perseverance. The Magician is not a card of ease. We find that it is only through hard work and determination was the Magician able to master his craft. Once complete though, the world waited at his fingertips but only if he is willing to center his thoughts on his desire and see it through to the end. The Magician is singular attention. It is our ability to narrow our focus on what we desire the most and pursue it until that desire is manifested.

Reversed: We find that we did not complete our plan. We are for some reason easily distracted and unable to focus on obtaining our goals. One could look at the card and see what image stands out to them the most. This lends some insight into why they unable will into being what they desire. If they notice the fire they are lacking will, perhaps this is not what they are truly passionate about and wanting to manifest. If the earth symbol is what draws their attention then they are lacking either material structure or resources. The air element would indicate that the plan has not been well thought out. One should return to the drawing board, do some additional research, and create a better strategy or seek out assistance. Lastly, if the water symbol catches their attention then there is an emotional blockage that needs to be removed. Depending on the other cards in the spread, the Magician reversed could also symbolize having made bad decisions. If so, then additional cards can be pulled to gain clarity as to how to correct the path. The Magician may also represent yourself or someone else who is directing their will drive situations in your life either to feed their own ego or use deception to get what they want. They use their tricks and sleight of hand to makes things appear to be what they are not. It is the shadow side of Mars which will do whatever it must to get what it desires. The cards surrounding this card will lend clarity as to what this card represents in its’ position.

Numerology and Astrology

The number 1 is the number of the Magician. After one moves from the feminine space of creation they are brought to the physical plane. The number one represents independence, leadership, and the ability to have a singular focus. The energy of the number 1 aligns with new beginnings and that push that is necessary to birth new things into being. It takes more energy than we may realize to transmute energy into matter. The number one is that powerful force. When on the light side, it is driven, creative, determined, a spirited wise leader. On the shadow side, it is the ego run wild, the narcissist, the autocrat, or the obsession driven perfectionist who will achieve their desire no matter what the cost. Ruled by the planets Mars and Mercury it is no wonder that the Magician is concerned with power, will, and the mind. Mars represents the masculine energy of movement, ego and manifestation through action. Whereas Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, knowledge, and versatility. Combined these two create the perfect alchemy to transmute energy into matter through drive, ingenuity, and strategy.

If one has a Life Lesson, Soul Urge, Path of Destiny, Outer Personality, Birth Month or Birthday number of 1 – The Magician is your corresponding Tarot card.

The Magician is the next step of the fools’ journey. His childlike wonder has brought him to the first step of his journey in marrying his knowledge of the divine with his will to create. He has learned the Universal Law of Correspondence that there is an energetic contract that exists between the planes of existence. When we understand these contracts, we are able though their agreements to bring forth what we desire.


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