Divination Toolkit: Astrology Series-The Moon


Divination Toolkit Astrology Series

Greetings beloveds,

This summer is going to feature quite a bit of our Divination Toolkit as we move through the tarot and finish up our astrology series. Today we will be introducing the Moon.

The moon is technically a satellite of the Earth but astrologically it is regarded as its own individual significant planet. The moon acts a huge mirror within the sky serving as our counterpart for the sun during the night. While the sun is the life-giving force of the day focused on the self, the moon turns that mirror inwards towards our soul’s journey. This is the space where our inner self comes to the forefront. The you that only those who have gone through the fire of the sun get to experience. Think of the night. In heat of the summer we are waiting for the sun to set and night to come. For the heat of the day to dissipate so that we can emerge from our cool abodes to comfortably spend time in nature. The same applies astrologically. The moon represents our subconscious as the parts of ourselves that we share only when we are most comfortable. It holds our secrets, inner desires, hopes, and wishes.

autumn moments (1)

Depending on one’s cultural background the moon holds either feminine or masculine energy. Often though it is associated with the feminine because of the moon phases association with women’s menstrual cycle, the “mystery” of the feminine, and the moon serving as a reflection of the sun as a masculine force. All beings hold feminine and masculine energy which allows for the moon to hold both as well. Particularly as the moon is a satellite which affects the tides because of its’ (and the suns’) gravitational pull on the water molecules of the ocean. Together these two forces affect our bodies because of their high-water content in the makeup of our blood, organs, and tissue. It is wise then to take time to observe our own relationship to the moon. Not based on only tradition, myth, or even science but through all of this in combination with our own observations.

There is much to learn from the moon including its’ metaphysical, spiritual, and practical properties. Over the next moon cycle, we will discuss the moons nodes, myths, and legends. I hope you’ll join us on this adventure!

With love,




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